Amanda Potter

Remote or Home Worker.

About Amanda

Zircon has grown to a £2 million turnover business with 4 Directors, 19 Business Managers, 142 associates and 3 administrative staff. Amazingly, all of our 168 colleagues work remotely. Very nearly 100% of our workforce work remotely. We currently use Microsoft Outlook as our email server. By using emails and telephone communication we are all able to work remotely very easily and we also use conference call services such as powwownow and skype for weekly meetings, or if we have something urgent to discuss. By implementing a BlackBerry solution across our organisation would be a huge help as currently not all of our workers are on Blackberry. Emails are critical to the running of our business, therefore we would be able to drive even more work by keeping everyone up to date where ever they are, as most of our business leads come from emails.