Ambassadors Wanted

iHubbub is now recruiting self employed, home working ambassador licensees across the globe. Our very exciting social community for the home working world invites you to become self employed agents.

If you want to work flexibly at home and earn an income with your own home based business in your area, this could be what you have been looking for.

The details below will give you all the information you need to become a community manager or ambassador in your home working region:

1. Could you be a home working ambassador?Work from home as a community manager ambassador
2. iHubbub's start up package
3. The hours
4. An ambassador license
5. iHubbub offers you
6. Be your own boss
7. How to make money
8. Next steps

Have you ever thought about being a community manager? Someone who gets involved in their local business community and mingles with all sorts of people who have evolved their lifestyle to work from home or run their own business.

It could be that you already run a home business and need a top up income. Maybe you run a networking group already and thus would be in the ideal place to showcase your iHubbub Ambassadorship. Or you attend regular networks or home working hubs and need a vital presence in your community. Or it could be that you want to work from home and don't know how to get started. Could this be you?

Could You Be A Home Working Ambassador?

Ideally, to take up a position with iHubbub as a Home Working Ambassador, you will have a sales and marketing background but this is not a requirement as we would prefer hungry, motivated and enthusiastic people to spread the word about home working.

iHubbub's Ambassador Start Up Package

Starting your own Business can be very exciting, yet pretty scary at the same-time. That's where iHubbub really comes in handy - you're never alone. When you sign up to become an Ambassador you not only get your own business within iHubbub's thriving community but, better still - you get full marketing and technical support.

Benefits include:

  • Business start up package
  • Constant advice, help and sales support
  • Marketing and PR training to run your own campaigns
  • Forums and groups to share ideas, suggestions and assistance

Apply now via our Ambassador Application Page.

Become An Ambassador for the home working community

The Hours

Hours? You work whatever hours suit you. The more you put in the more you get out. This position can easily be run alongside a part time job or home business. It is ideal for anyone who networks in their local area but can easily be set up from scratch. We provide all the tools, you just go out there and spread the word!

An Ambassador License

A business start up licence will give you:

  • An immediate start up business
  • Initial PR release to your local media about your ambassadorial appointment
  • Start up training worth in excess of £1000
  • Ongoing training with experienced digital marketers
  • Help to optimise, promote and market your business in your local area
  • Your own dedicated page and blog on a highly targeted traffic site
  • Revenue earning options without all the ecommerce hassle
  • Our account department handles all the transactions
  • Monitor and track your sales
  • You get paid for all your sales
  • Earn further commission from recruiting other ambassadors
  • Gain income from local member sign up 

iHubbub Offers You

Benefits include:

  • Constant advice, help and sales support
  • Brainstorming to help you find content in your area to populate your site
  • Benefit from our webmaster and SEO architecture
  • No risk to you with a large and established website behind you
  • We do all the techie work for you


Be Your Own Boss

Earn an income and be your own boss with this great home based business opportunity. Turn your passion and energy for home working into revenue by taking an interest in other home businesses in your area. Join networks to engage with other remote, virtual, freelance and home workers and get them to join iHubbub. Apply now by following the exact criteria and sending an email via our Ambassador Application Page.

How To Make Money

Earn an income working from home in the following ways:

  • Promoting memberships in your area
  • Selling advertising
  • Training others after you have been trained
  • Recruiting other ambassadors
  • Sell online advertising into various Home Working World zones, such as work (for example jobs or local hotels offering remote working facilities), lifestyle (related products or services)
  • Marketplace (any home working or remote working products or services) for high commission rates
  • Encourage local products or services relevant to audience to advertise in HWW classifieds
  • Gain commission on sponsorships across the site, include webinars, page sponsors, area sponsors etc
  • Referral fee for each new member subscription from their area using unique code
  • Referral fee for each new licensee they recruit that signs on and becomes accredited Ambassador/Licensee
  • Licensed to run a town group online or offline
  • Invite people along to their group meetings
  • Maintain a database of attendees and e-mail them of future events
  • Encourage visitors to become members of the online Community
  • Encourage members to contribute to the online Community
  • Invite local trainers to run webinars and get paid
  • Take on paid Community projects with groups, forums or clinics

So don’t dally around! Take this seriously and jump on board to become a home working ambassador in your area. Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more about licence payment terms.

Next steps:

Your Pitch is the most important part of your application. If it does not interest or attract our team by addressing all the points mentioned in the ad, your chances of going to the next stage will be diminished.

Tell our team why you are the best person for the job. Sell your skills and experience with focused key messages relative to the job spec.

Don’t waffle, keep it short and succinct so they want to read your CV and thus take your application further.

Apply now by following the exact criteria and sending an email via our Ambassador Application Page.

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