Setting Home Business And Freelancer Goals For 2013

2013 is just weeks away, which is exciting but at the same time it makes you think about what you want to achieve in the New Year.

It is also a good time to look over the goals that you made for your home business last year and see if you have achieved them.

I am very good at setting goals, making plans and then forgetting all about them as soon as it starts getting busy. I know it's not the best way to go about things but I know I am not alone. My husband is a freelancer and at the beginning of each year spends ages making fabulous looking Excel spreadsheets with forecasts and plans, he likes to make them for my own online businesses as well. We looked at the plans this week and we have done alright but there are quite a few things that we have forgotten to do.

So, this year is going to be different, I have been reading about SMART Goals and plan on using this new found knowledge to set my 2013 Goals.

I will let you know how we get on! Somehow I think we will still have the Excel spreadsheet, I don't think he is ready to let go of all those figures yet but this way we hopefully won't forget to do something.

How are you planning to stay organized this year?