Home Business Hit By Google Panda?

If you have a home business blog or website you want it to be performing at its best. You want it to bring you new clients and sell more of your products.

But what if your website was being penalised by the Search Engines wihout you even knowing? Over the past year and a half Google has been updating the ways that it ranks websites in search. True, updates are happening all the time but these have been bigger changes and have come with some great names - Panda and Penguin.

And it is quite possible that your website has been effected. Recent rumours are that there is a Google Penguin 2.0 update about to happen. The Panda update is all about quality. If the pages on your site were thin or duplicates your ranking with Google will have dropped. In other words you may no longer be on the first page of the search results. The Penguin update is all about unnatural linking to your website. Was your home business website hit by Google's Panda

If you have paid for a large number of links and these have not been related to your site then this could be a reason for Google to penalise your site. If your website is not receiving the amount of traffic that you feel it should or your website experienced a big drop in traffic almost overnight then it would be a good idea to audit your site.

Thankfully it is entirely possible to come back in the search engines and it is all about keeping it real. Ask yourself if your content on your website is the best it can be and is it unique content. If not make the changes so that your website is the best it can be. The same goes for the sites linking to your website, you can see who is linking to you by looking in Google or Bing Webmaster Tools. Do you have sites that are unrelated to yours?

Do you have a lot of spammy links?

If you do then ask these website if they would remove them - ask nicely of course! If that doesn't work you can communicate with the search engines using their link disavow tools (you can find these in Webmaster tools too), but use these tools carefully as you could damage your websites performance even more.

It all sounds quite daunting but you can do the audit yourself, or you could look at winning a website audit by an SEO expert whose clients include Google!

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