Working From Home For An Employer

Do you work from home for your boss? 

As iHubbub is always on the lookout for interesting case studies about employers and SMEs who allow their staff to work from home, we came upon an interesting few news items recently about working from home.

Most councils are looking to trim their budgets. Preston City Council believes it has managed to save itself £470,000 by introducing 'work from home Fridays' for office staff, reports the BBC.
Working From Home For An Employer
Over the 8 weeks in February and March, 10 council buildings were closed one day a week, and staff carried on their duties at home while heat, lights and hand dryers were switched off.

The Council says service levels were not affected, but due to the savings, the Council's energy use came in below 6,000 megawatts, meaning they were not liable for a government carbon tax of nearly half a million pounds.

Meanwhile as the 8th annual Work Wise Week and in particular National Work From Home Day encourages employers to consider "smarter" working patterns, an employment lawyer issued a reminder that staff working for a company from home are still covered by employment law. 

Work from home issues such as reimbursement for business telephone calls, and requirements for reporting in to managers need to be sorted out beforehand, says Nick Kennan of GHP Legal.

Also, health and safety legislation covers home-working staff, and a proper risk assessment still needs to be carried out.

If you work from home, are you saving your employer money? Were the ground-rules clear before you started?

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