Win Fab Mobile Working Bags

Win Fab Mobile Working Bags

iHubbub takes a look at the most popular bags we found to be colourful, comfortable, affordable and stylish with a range of carrying straps and pockets for the busy on-the-go freelance mobile worker or home business owner.


Please tell us which you use when working remotely or when you take your home business on the go. In doing so, you get a chance to win some of the fabulous bags and briefcases we have listed in our feature below.
Mia Tui bags have great pockets to hold all your mobile working tools

Wanna grab a chance to win one of these great bags and briefcases? Enter our mobile working bags survey now.

After surveying its members, iHubbub found that most mobile workers loved and needed large bags, most of them choosing a bag over a briefcase, a large portion of them carting around seriously weird items and even some of them revealing some embarrassing handbag stories.

Read the full story and see all the survey results and some REALLY embarrasing stories about mobile working handbags.

Ava Tote Bag

You can win a Mia Tui bag - the perfect accessory for the modern working mum who doesn’t want to compromise style for practicality.

The “Ava” bag is a medium sized tote style bag which is extremely functional on the inside. It has a waterproof interior which has lots of pockets and compartments for organizing and separating items such as mobile phone, keys and diary whilst large enough to accommodate a laptop and work files.

It comes with two clear, removable zipped bags which are perfect for toiletries and cosmetics, plus there’s a co-coordinating clutch bag which is handy for essentials such as a purse or mobile when nipping out for lunch or a meeting.

The bag is priced at £49.99 and comes in a range of colours including black, mustard, pewter, red or tan and is made from strong PU coated material so can cope with the heavy loads of a laptop and notebooks. 

To win one of these superb, top rated bags jump onto our 2 minute mobile working bags survey and seal your chance to win. 

Get cracking and enter our mobile working bags survey now.


Lyndsey Michaels won the Ava Tote Bag and we caught her hopping with excitement!


I was delighted to win a great new handbag from iHubbub. I mainly work from home, so when I do go to meet clients I need a bag that will carry everything I need for the day, from laptop to travel mug. I'm also looking forward to making new connections on iHubbub and being part of a growing community of home workers and freelancers. Thanks Charlotte from Mia Tui and iHubbub!

Carlton Laptop Sleeve

If you're more into the professional briefcase look we have a stylish Twill Polyester with PVC Trims and Neoprene backed grab handles briefcase to give away. Aztech laptop sleeve for the mobile or remote worker

Carlton scored very highly on the strong and durable exterior in our Mobile Working Bags road tests.

This one comes wrapped up in a totally professional look along with the assurance that your mobile tools will not be bumped around.

Sturdy and robust which will withstand any number of knocks and scrapes, not that you'll be putting it through the tests we did - you'll love your Carlton too much to be so mean!


The prizes don't stop there!


Jacqui Burke won the ever-so professional looking Carlton Laptop Sleeve - leaving everyone in the iHubbub Team green with envy!

Wow! what a lovely surprise. With my mobile lifestyle I end up having to carry my office around with me. Having a smart bag designed for that purpose will be a real help.


Grace Sachel Bag

We also have this fab bag - we have really fallen in love with this bag - to give away.Grace comes in a wide range of colours [] Grace

Mia Tui bags have great pockets to hold all your mobile working tools

will surely grace your next client presentation or board meeting.

Read about the fuss in the office ‘cause everyone wanted to road-test this bag. The bag is waterproof inside, which is ideal if you have to stop off at the gym and shove a wet-ish towel inside.

Wanna grab a chance to win one of these great bags and briefcases? Enter our mobile working bags survey now.

Get cracking and enter our mobile working bags survey now.

Debbie Exley won Mia Tui's gorgeous Grace handbag and she was ear-to-ear smiling when we gave her the news!

Great news. You've made my day to have won a bag, can't wait to receive it and load it up for my next meeting. Thank you iHubbub and Mia Tui!

Bright Colours Briefcase

Then we have a Bright Colours briefcase to give away - this one scored high for fun and flexibility.

It is totally funky if you're into briefcases! Ample pockets for notepads, purse, keys and phone. Also spacious sections to include an iPad.

And it has all sorts of ways of carrying it - forget the old handle methods, see our mobile working road test to find several ways of getting this briefcase from A to Z.

It comes in an electric shock of colours, from fuschia pink, electric green to deep violet - and all with black interiors.

Bright colours is the ideal slimline briefcase for the fun and funky mobile worker with straps to hold a laptop securely

Space - although we're on the hunt for the ultimate mobile working bags we found the Bright Colours briefcase to have alternative uses, such as picnic items or dance class kit, shoes and towel.

If you're like some of our road testers and prefer to have 'hands-free' you could try some of the ways.

Read the full Bright Colours story to see what we did to this bag in our road tests.

Camberwell's bright colours will cheer you up when you have to get out and about. And summer's fun lasts long into winter with this all-round slimline, durable professional looking briefcase for the hard core mobile worker.

You can see each individual bag review on our mobile tools reviews and read our comprehensive feature on Mobile Working Bags!

Wanna grab a chance to win one of these great bags and briefcases? Enter our mobile working bags survey now.


On hearing about her win
Helen Wilson yelled with shock.


Fab news! I never win anything so to win a bag which is going to be really useful, as I'm setting up as a freelancer, is great.  I am going to try not to fill it with too much stuff though, ha ha...I wonder how long that will last!! Thank you iHubbub and Bright Colours!

Joanna Henry also won the Bright Colours Briefcase and is thrilled and rearing to show it off to her friends!

What a lovely surprise to win a new bag. Cant wait to show it off to my yummy mummy friends when setting up my home business. Thank you iHubbub and Bright Colours!