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Remote or Home Worker.

About Craftsman Websites

Craftsman Websites is looking to change how websites for small businesses are made and managed.

It’s likely that the website you have now looks dated and cheap + you have no idea how to edit it.

Craftsman Websites is designed specifically to tackle these two problems.

We offer cheap websites that look expensive, plus all of the help you need to edit it yourself.

We’re friendly and live just around the corner.

We are a small London based team that you can trust. We will meet you in person and explain everything simply in plain English.

We will teach you to be independent.

Although we can always be there to keep your website up to date, we make websites that you can edit yourself. This means you aren’t completely reliant on a distant Webmaster and tied into endless editing fees.

We focus on solving business objectives.

While other web designers will be all too eager to build complex, flashy websites, they often only benefit the designer’s bank account. We focus on functionality, only suggesting what you need to do to drive your business forward.

We craft beautiful websites.

We see web design as part of a broader branding process. No only does this ensure that it fits seamlessly with everything else that makes up your brand, but it also means we take pride in the creative process. We have an eye for aesthetic design as well as the technical and business know-how.

We’ll do anything and everything for you.

We don’t just build the website but can provide domain names, hosting, branding strategy, copy writing, photography and videography to make sure your website sends the right message to reach your business objectives.






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