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Traditional buy kitchen cabinets come as one single entity as a set. But modern cabinets can be bought in various materials as you get all the parts separately. One can always choose from different kitchen cabinet combinations like that of white kitchen cabinets and maple cabinets.
Traditional kitchen cabinets are of very good quality as they are made on order. Once the raw material is chosen the cabinets in kitchen are made. You can get cheap cabinets and discounted cabinets as well. One can always select from maple and white cabinets in kitchen. Since the RTA cabinets are already made, only the end product can be chosen from.

One can always get the traditional kitchen cabinets made as per choice. You can get the exact shape and size for all corners of your kitchen. Traditional cabinets could be made exactly as per the shape of the kitchen. While the RTA cabinets are already made one cannot assure that the cabinet purchased would be exactly similar to the shape and size of the kitchen.