Forest Park Reviewer Wanted

Registered charity, Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust, would like to get their fabulous park reviewed on iHubbub.

Do you live in Northumberland, adjacent to the Scottish Borders?

Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland, adjacent to the Scottish Borders, boasts the largest man-made reservoir in northern Europe and the largest working forest in England.

It covers 250 square miles in total and is most definitely for lovers of the great outdoors. There are three main visitor centres that are the hub for activities such as walking, cycling and mountain biking. The Lakeside Way is a multi-user trail that encircles the shoreline of Kielder Water (26 miles) so visitors can actually walk round the entire reservoir. In October we will be hosting the second Kielder Marathon using this route.

The scenery is very distinctive – often likened to Canada. Kielder Village is the most remote village in England (the area is also the most tranquil) – the Park’s remoteness and clean air and water offer a fresh, outdoor experience. Thanks to minimal light pollution (no big cities nearby) we also have the darkest night skies in England making it perfect for star gazing (there is an award winning Observatory).

They can recommend an itinerary if you live close by and would like a day out for your family. The destination would suit a young family or an older couple.

For example, for a young family we could arrange:
- A wildlife demonstration at the Birds of Prey Centre
- Activities such as canoeing or mountain biking
- Possibly a day with a ranger or wildlife expert
- Campsite, new camp pods or B&B accommodation
- A trip along the forest drive toll road

For an older couple:
- A hawk walk with a bird of prey expert
- Fishing with a ranger
- Nordic walking
- Night time mountain bike ride
- A star gazing trip to Kielder Observatory
- A stay in luxury lodges or B&B

For more information on the destination please go to If this review sounds like you - get in touch!