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Annabel Shaw

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Annabel Shaw is a social psychologist and radiotherapist who has worked with homeless women, children and cancer sufferers.


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Annabel Shaw is a social psychologist, radiotherapist and inventor of the Lifescape method of visualising life history which enables people to literally picture their whole life as a basis for analysing and changing it. Annabel developed Lifescape when working as a research psychologist researching the lives of homeless women.

She was born in South Africa and came to England with her family in the late 1960s. Annabel studied African history at Sussex University and settled in Brighton. In between trips to Africa and South East Asia, she worked as a teacher, ran an art gallery and brought up two children.

In the late 1980s Annabel returned to Sussex University to train as a social psychologist and later taught psychology there and at the Open University. In the 1990s she began the research that led to Lifescape. Her article on “The Experience of Homeless Women” was published in Housing Studies and excerpted in the Open University textbook, Social Science in Question. The interview schedule has been used by researchers working with and recording the lives of cared-for children. Annabel also worked for Brighton and Hove Social Services, providing a safe house for abused children and teenagers.

More recently, Annabel retrained as a radiotherapist and has worked with cancer patients at the Sussex Cancer Centre.

Annabel has grown up children and is the hub of a large extended family.


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