Free Publicity For Your Business

Setting up your own home business is an exciting time.

And as an added benefit of being a member of iHubbub, we will help to get your Business profiled in the media.

Have you started an interesting arts and crafts hobby business, published a book or set up a more quirky home based business such as pet bereavement counselling?

Whether your home business is established or been going for some time we would love to hear from you. 

iHubbub’s PR team will work with you to get your business story into the media and pitch it to the press in your area.  The more interesting your story is the better, as we will have additional mileage to profile your business in the regional and even national press. 

We'd like to know about your business so get in touch with us and share your business success story. 

We will send you a short questionnaire to complete to get you into our Magazine Business Showcase and from this we can submit your business success story to the media.

Want free publicity for your business? Get in touch with iHubbub’s PR team today to find out more.


PR Success StoriesBecci from Girls Travel Club won BT Home Business Award

Becci Runs Her Home Business In An World War Bunker

Take a look at some of the home businesses who have already benefitted from having a their businesses profiled on iHubbub and see how we managed to get two of our members onto ITV!

Find out how we got Becci from Girls Travel Club and Karen from Oxbow Media onto TV!

Becci Coombes-Burr, runs Girls Travel Club from her home in Wisborough Green, near Billingshurst from Billingshurst, West Sussex.

And ...Karen is a finalist in the Remote Worker Awards

Karen Works From Home In A Beach Hut

Karen Morton, from Chichester, runs seminars at corporate conferences to help people think more creatively and improve the way they communicate.  

When we saw Karen's beach hut and found out she worked so remotely - on the beach - we had to get her story into the media.

Watch Karen being interviewed by Malcolm from ITV.

Gillian Runs Her Home Business From A Canal Boat

Read Gillians story about working from home on a canal boat.

"I was delighted to work with iHubbub on publicity for my business as they are a very approachable, friendly team!  Paula quickly identified interesting snippets of information which would appeal to editors - even including our cute puppy!  The result was extensive PR coverage in my immediate geography and beyond. 

I have had excellent feedback from business colleagues and friends who heard me on the radio and have read the articles in the press.  iHubbub made the whole process easy and relaxed. I have won at least one client recently as a result of this excellent publicity and feel my business profile has been hugely enhanced."

See the PR coverage we achieved for Gillian.

Holly And Colleen Taking The World By Storm

Before darting off ... read Holly and Colleens Press Release, which iHubbub issued to their local Surrey media in our Members PR.

Beyond Brooke Goes Online

Read how this fashionista become an island hopping international techie nerd.

GreyHound Home Business Venture

Also find out about Val's Greyhound Press Release.

Grannies Gifts

Do you have a Glamorous Granny?

Upcycling Unique Home Business

They say you can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African. 


Watch Becci and Karen's Free Publicity On ITV

View the videos on my YouTube Channel:

Now watch Becci being interviewed by Malcolm from ITV.




Want free publicity for your business? Get in touch with iHubbub’s PR team today to find out more.