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Are You A Desk Potato?

Grab your morning coffee, sit down and take five to share your secret garden spot  - after all - you're the boss! ...


Better Mobile Broadband Needed

Does anyone have any advice about overseas mobile broadband - what to get and who to get it from - in order to get a good quality connection to the internet at a reasonable cost? I...


It's Great To Be A Home Worker When It's Hot!

Gee, some good weather at last! It seems to have been a long time coming. It will no doubt be the summer in one quick burst. Without being too melancholy, it at least provides the...


Not A Job For Home Workers

Without wishing to bore those of you who cannot stand televised motor racing (just about all women who might be reading this), a humorous scenario occurred in chez Sheridan on Sunday...


Home Working With The Times Masterclass

Hi – Check out the Business Masterclass in today’s Times! This handy online business journal area ran a one hour Q&A session today about the challenges of home working. The...


Talking To The Times

Ken and I were thrilled to be invited to join The Times online for their Masterclass on how to work remotely. We had all sorts of great things going on. The day started with Work how...


News For Home Business Workers

Hi - Home businesses aren't widely reported on by the mainstream media. However, I've found a number of articles in the news over the past few weeks that strike a chord of relevance...


Feel Good After A Short Break

How long can you stay in the feel good zone after a short break? I recon the answer to the above is about 30 minutes tops. Following a fabulous four days in the Lake District I got...


Charging Your Home Working Batteries

Hi - I'm just coming to the end of a very enjoyable long weekend in the Lake District. My first time here. The batteries are fully topped up!     ...


How Do You Know When It's Time To Hire Your First Employee?

So your home business is booming. You're inundated with orders, enquiries, new leads. In fact, you could be doing so well that you're thinking it might be a good idea to stop relying...