10 Tips To Create A Productive Work Space

When you start up your new and exciting business idea you'll be champing at the bit to get a productive work space in your home office.

Of course, you'll need to find every which way to minimize distractions and organise your work space to find the best way to make you more productive.

Niki Schafer offers all of iHubbub's home business owners, freelancing consultants and home workers a chance to create the perfect work space to ensure they spend their day working from home in total productive mode.

These Top 10 tips will guide you to improved productivity and a harmonious home working relationship ... The atmosphere of the office space just makes it very conducive for work.

Creating A Productive Home Office Work Space

1.       Office furniture that is white, chrome or any other reflective materials will help bounce light around and give the impression of more space.
2.       Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of good workspace design. If you have good natural sunlight – fantastic, but make sure you don’t have a glare on your computer screen.  Choose a statement desktop lamp to reduce eye-strain and create a talking piece in the office.
3.       Make some room on your desk for a couple of personal belongings. A photo can work wonders for the self-esteem - to remind you of why you're working so hard and these precious memories can give you a boost now and then.

Create a productive home office work space



4.       When designing your work environment create a break out space where you can step away from your desk and have five minutes to unwind.
5.       Blue is often used to decorate home offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.  Break it up with solid wood and a splash of red if you are a creative or neutrals if you are a strategist!
6.       Limited space in the work environment is often an issue so de-clutter your desk. Remove unnecessary paperwork, catalogues, files and other office paraphernalia.  A clear desk can make us feel much better about our accomplishments.   Particularly think 'Feng Shui Friday' and clear up before the weekend so you can start your Monday afresh - this works for the inbox too!
7.       Keeping everything a single colour can blur the distinctions between different areas and fools the eye into thinking there is more space.  This works particularly well with lighter colours.
8.       Floors in your work space need to be considered carefully. Although the look is important your floors need to be practical. Not only do wooden floors look great they can be ideal if you have a wheelie chair.  A rug can break the space if you’re trying to encourage different thinking in different zones.
9.       Natural daylight is also vital.  A lack of natural light can lead to a diminished immune system, diabetes and premature ageing (Source: InformeDesign, University of Minnesota).  Over exposure to artificial light can lead to the disruption of sleeping patterns. (Source http://www.csheb.org/PDF/2nd/Peter%20R%20Boyce.pdf).
10.   Where we position our desks is important.  There's nothing worse than having someone creep up behind you and watch what you're typing. Try to position your desk in a way that enables you to be social but still allows for a bit of privacy.

Niki Schäfer is the founder of Dwell-Being Interior Design, a professional interior designer, and engaging writer and speaker on interior and lifestyle design. Find out more about Niki at www.dwell-being.co.uk.