10 Ways To Keep Fit Under Pressure When Starting A Business

Lisa Stannard, who is a Guest Writer for iHubbub, shares her top 10 ways for you to keep fit and healthy when you're under pressure in your new start up business.

1.    New Business Bodies Need Sleep

Get enought sleep. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it while starting a business. The better you sleep the more effective you will be at work and the more effective your business plans will become. Getting less that 7 hours a night may mean you are more likely to skip workouts, be more stressed and make less than healthy food choices.

2.    Keep Business Stress At Bay

Design your perfect day or week working from home in your sparkly new home office. Staying fit includes staying mentally healthy as well as physically, which in turn means trying to stay 10 Ways To Keep Fit Under Pressure When Starting A Businessstress free. Organising your time well helps to keep stress at bay and allows you to work more efficiently, meaning that you will get more done in less time. All business start-up owners should include the work you need to get done, how long you will spend on this, when you will wake up, get to work, workout, have dinner with friends, spend time with your family etc. then try and stick to it. Planning in this way makes you more effective in what you are doing. Don’t forget to include time for yourself, it's not all about starting up a business - it is also all about relaxing afterwards too!

3.    Schedule Work Outs

Schedule your fitness workouts in advance and stick to them like your business appointments. Once it is in your calendar chances are you will stick to it. That way you have no excuse when deadlines and appointments get underway. Realise that this is important to your overall health, which is important to your new business.

4.    Hydrate Your Home Office

When starting a business, keep your health in focus. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will keep you awake and energised whilst also preventing muscle cramps and improving your concentration. Most start up business owners who complain of headaches and afternoon energy crashes are in fact dehydrated. Add 1/2 a lemon to alkalize the body, improve the immune system and add a little flavour to your water. Don’t forget your drinking water should be fresh and filtered. An added afternoon pick me up is to try Coconut water, my favourite brand is Zico.

5.    Eat Healthy Meals After Working At Home

You can’t get away from the fact that your food affects your mood and overall health. What you eat is so important to your fitness and your new business planning process. Try to cut out caffeine, wheat, dairy, processed sugar and alcohol to stay energised.

6.    Drink Your Greens

Drink your greens. Sounds bizarre, but do you want some added energy? Start drinking green juices that alkalize the body, give you energy and provide you with copious amounts of vitamins and nutrients. I like to use kale, spinach, broccoli, ginger, lemon, cucumber, celery with added low sugar fruits like apples and berries first thing in the morning and sometimes for an afternoon pick me up instead of reaching for the biscuit tin or fifth cup of coffee - as many new business start-ups do!

With the drink greens you have two options:
1. Remove all seeds or stalks and pop in a blender and whiz up. This will form a thicker smoothie and retain the fibre from the skin of the veg.
2. Or, invest in a juicer - you can get these for approx £30 up to hundreds of pounds. Pop the veg in the juicer and voila you have a green, lean juice to keep you fighting fit.

7.    Plan Meals Ahead

If you know that you have a hectic week running around like a home business mad-person, make a big batch of green juice or green smoothies in the week ahead. I do this all the time. If I make my morning smoothies and salads in advance I have no excuse but to grab the juice or my salad box and go instead of reaching for that double shot latte and croissant that is going to leave me flagging at my desk by 10.30am.

8.    Give Yoga A Go

Yoga connects your mind and body, reduces stress, makes you more effective at work by improving concentration and focus, as well as helping you to have a more positive outlook and directly helping you make healthier choices to your lifestyle. Try Vinyasa Flow yoga for an added killer workout helping to promote weight loss, detoxification and to create long lean muscles. You don’t even need to find a studio or teacher, there are many amazing DVDs and YouTube channels out there, my favourite is Tara Stiles’. Yoga is especially ideal for home business entrepreneurs.

9.    Take Business Breaks

When starting a business or running a home business there are bound to be deadlines. When these type of deadlines are underway it can be too easy not to give yourself a break. Go for a little walk, prepare a healthy lunch, meet a friend for lunch, stretch at your desk. You will feel refreshed and focused to get back to work.

10.    Positive Fun

If you’re not having fun when you start up your new home based business then what is the point? Obviously you have deadlines, pressures and workloads, but it is your life and you deserve to have fun!

My favourite quote: “It is significant that the only thing over which we have complete right of control at all times is your own mental attitude.’ Napoleon Hill.

Lisa Stannard is a yoga instructor and a talented designer. She is one of Manchester's youngest yoga teachers with an ever-growing popularity in the city. She teaches at many studios, as well as running her own classes and writes a nutrition and fitness blog www.leaneats.tumblr.com. Lisa is also designing her first yoga fashion line.