7 Time Finders For Work At Home Mums

Like many working from home mums Rachel Bradbury's decision to leave her job in the City and start up a business in her home office came about after the birth of her first child in the summer of 2010.

Rachel explains how she went about starting up her own home based business ...

After much research and chats with friends and family my second child Custard & Crumble, an online boutique selling luxury nursery furniture and accessories, was born in February 2012.  

My main drive (as a work from home mum) for setting up my own home business was the freedom it would give me to still spend time with my son, taking him to swimming and football classes, whilst also having something for myself to be proud of and of course still earning money.  

We all know far too well the cost of childcare in the UK and it made sense to have minimal childcare to reduce costs with the bulk of my work on Custard & Crumble being done during nap times and at the weekends when Dad is on hand to help out!  

It all sounds great; no longer having the stress of catching the train home from work wondering whether I’ll get to the nursery on time, but ... I now find myself having less time for myself than ever before.  

When I have my son, and now with a 4 week old daughter added to the mix as well, I feel guilty if I am not devoting my attention to them as much as possible.

In the evening my time is now spent feeding my daughter – she is currently going through the dreaded colic phase and during the hours of 6-9pm she spends her time feeding, crying and wanting to be hugged.  

But I am also learning to do a lot of things one-handed, so I can look after her as well as write work emails, check my home business sales, and do an online supermarket shop order!   


But I am also learning to do a lot of things one-handed


The new big question: when then do I find time for myself?  


Me Time For Work From Home Mums

Balancing ‘Me Time’ with family time is hard enough but when you have a business start-up it is even harder, as I always feel guilty that free time from the children should be spent on the business.  

The reality is it is just important to have time for yourself and time alone with your partner to create a happy and stable family environment.   Happy mums and dads make far better parents. 

Here are some top tips that I have found for finding time for yourself.Working from home mums need 'me time'




1) Ignore the cleaning, dishes, washing for one night a week and instead sit down with your partner at the end of the day and watch a film or chat over a glass of wine – afterall the dishes will still be there tomorrow! 

2) Hire a babysitter/ family or friend once a month to allow you to go on a ‘date’ night with your partner.  And keep the conversation away from your freelancing and the kids for once!

3) While working at home take a proper lunch break (if your children are at nursery) and go for a walk, chat to a friend or read a magazine.  Do not be tempted to use your lunch break to do household chores!

4) Once a month get your partner to look after the children and arrange a treat with your girlfriends: go shopping or anything else to make you feel like YOU again.

5) When working in the evenings or at weekends try and dedicate a set time and work away from the centre of the home.  You will be far more productive shut away from distractions such as chores, children, partner and the television and therefore have more time to relax afterwards.

6) Be clear about your work timetable with family and your partner.  Just because you work from home does not make it any less important than working in an office – do not let them distract you from your job.  You will be far more productive when you do work creating more time to enjoy with the family.

7) Turn off your laptop, phone, iPad and any other device you may have for checking emails and calls when eating meals.  It is really important to appreciate quality family time and mealtimes are a perfect time to chat together without distraction, work can wait for 30 minutes! 

Start up business mums who work from home will always have that ‘juggling’ factor of how best they fit everything in but by taking time out to relax and think you will be far better equipped to tackle all those balls in the air!

Rachel Bradbury is a working from home mum of two, and the owner of Custard & Crumble, an online luxury store selling designer nursery furniture, accessories, toys and gifts.