Time To Bomb The Home Office

This weekend there was a lot of smoke around the garden, we even had to warn the neighbours as we had to bomb my beloved home office shed. But don’t panic it is still standing and I am typing this week’s blog post from the comfort of my 4 painted blue shed walls.

By bombing I mean flea bomb, but wow there was a lot of smoke! Yep office assistant number 1 and star of a number of iHubbub facebook posts LC had fleas, thankfully she doesn’t any more. So we are all a lot less itchy.

LC home office pet catI couldn’t be certain if they were, or were not in the home office but I really didn’t want to find out as she spends as much time in there as I do, sometimes more when I can’t move her at the end of the working day.

As much as I love her company there are obviously drawbacks to having a home office pet!

  • First there is the daily help with filing, she loves to have a good rummage around and rearrange the papers, when they are to her satisfaction she will then sit on the lot.
  • If it is a rainy day the shuffled papers will quite often have a paw print on the top – a stamp of approval is how I like to think of it.
  • Then there is the help with typing… sdqwoudfhajksc as she walks across the keyboard.
  • Oh and forgetting to close the door when she arrives after me.
  • Plus in the summer she likes to surprise me by jumping through an open window, skidding on papers and flying off the other side of the desk! I should really try and video it for youtube. Though when this happens I am normally diving after the paper or recovering from the shock.
  • Another drawback is that she doesn’t bring her own work from home drinks or snacks with her. LC sipping from my water glass has resulted in me using water bottles with a lid and there is no way I can have a tuna sandwich for lunch if I want it all for myself!

I am amazed I get any work done and LC isn’t my only home office pet as there is also Bella the rabbit or assistant number 2 as LC would like to call her, who is a nightmare with the cables and hiding in corners. So much so that she is only allowed to help if I am working outside in the garden. That happens only in the summer, and then that is very rare as you can’t see the screen when it is sunny, yes I have tried!

So life with a home office pet is not the walk in the park you would imagine but I wouldn’t have it any other way. However to make sure LC stays in one place in future while visiting me in the home office shed we have bought her a new cat basket, not sure if she will ever leave now!

Would love to see more of your home office pets in our gallery and hear how you cope when they try to help…