Toes Crossed For Speeding And Stalking

This week we had a funny moment on our work from home iHubbub communication network aka Skype and I just felt I had to share it with you as we were busy with an email marketing campaign.

It all started as we were sending out our monthly interesting articles emailer (as a side note I hope you received yours ok?) and Paula came up with a great title for this particular email marketing campaign - Have you been caught speeding or stalking?

The speeding was a reference to me trying out home office chair racing and the stalking was all about Paula… well… stalking. Ethical stalking ... that is and how it is a great way to boost your home business.

how to avoid home business spamWe had a few moments of umming and arring as to whether email marketing providers would see the title and send it straight to the spam folder, but we decided to take a large email marketing leap of faith and go with it.

The other titles were just not as inspiring, hence these Skype messages:

Paula: “toes crossed for speeding and stalking”
Me: “that sounds so wrong  :)”

However it had me thinking to put together a list of all the words that could be considered spammy or wrong for your email marketing campaigns and share them with you.  Those words that would be sent to the dark hole of everyone’s spam folder, if it gets there at all. Some will surprise you.

Spam Words To Avoid

Top of the list spam words to avoid in your next email marketing campaign would be swearing, $$$, earn extra cash, free, Viagra and any other similar product, get rich quick, enlarge, cheap, everything in capitals – really anything that screams spam. And when you're doing your digital marketing, remember that those emailers with the dodgy words spaced out will still be read as spam.

Technology is awfully clever.

It is worth remembering that there is no finite list of spam words to avoid for any email marketing campaign, sometimes emails will get through other times they will not.

However there are also a number of quite normal words that you may be surprised to learn could also get your email campaign penalised.

Here are 10 popular email marketing spam words or phrases to avoid:

  • Affordable
  • Work from home (oh dear, a lot of our members do this!)
  • Guarantee
  • Extra Income
  • Apply Now
  • Order Now
  • Dear friend – make sure you personalise the email
  • Risk free
  • Thousand, or billion – any big number really!
  • Winner

Home Business Reputation

It's not just email spam words that will get your emailing campaign sent straight to the ISP spam folder, a big proportion of why emails are sent there is due to the sender’s reputation. If you are known as a spammer then you are likely to be penalised even if your email is squeaky clean.

It is worth keeping your home business email reputation whiter than white. Err, snow white to be precise.

  • Make sure that everyone on your list is subscribed.
  • Keep your list up to date and remove emails that bounce and that unsubscribe.
  • Make sure your email is engaging, not all written in BIG fonts and is appropriate.
  • Add correctly sized images and a good text to image ratio.
  • Solid IP address, the length of time you have had your IP address the better your reputation will be.
  • Send your email from your domain as it keeps it real and from a real person. It is really good to add contact details to your email signature too.
  • Make sure you send a text mailer as well as your html version, not everyone’s email service will be able to read the html.

Don’t be put off by all of these dos and don’ts, emails are a great and cheap way to contact your customers and they can be fun to write too. Emails are a big part of your home business marketing.

So far, we've had a great response and members telling us that they saw our risky email title, but they loved it! It got them hooked and wanting to read about speeding and stalking.

Sriously, when else would you have a chance to talk about speeding and stalking in your home business? 

Hang on ... maybe don’t answer that!