An Unusual Home Business

Another amusing article I found in The Week reveals secrets of unusual working lives. They interviewed a priest, a dominatrix, judge, undertaker, call centre worker, taxi driver and paramedic.

Now, which one do you think works from home, running a own business? You’ll never guess.

The dominatrix.

Why? She runs her business from her garage … errr dungeon. But let’s start saintly and go to the priest. He has a delightful sense of humour and reports how odd it is to see someone taking communion at his alter after he’d been snogging heDominatrix is an unusual home based businessr the night before. His oddest prayer request was to pray for what was causing cancer in cats.

The undertaker’s job is never dull as secrets tend to come out in deaths. He reports how bloody, bloody hard life is and how he sees love and sacrifice from him dead patients … err clients … umm, bodies.

The judge advocates that they work very hard even behind closed doors. They spend so much time listening (well, you’d hope so!) and even small cases feel big. Seeing the complex and difficult lives of people makes this judge realise that the job at hand is not to judge but to ensure they received justice.

Working in a call centre is exhausting. Every minute of every day is awkward conversation, even though this person tries to make it sound natural by gesticulating - they’re been trained that way. Remember all those unwanted cold sales calls? Now put yourself in their shoes. The call centre worker has feelings too. If they fail to reach targets for three weeks they are fired. Imagine trying to stay upbeat when you’re being sworn at or called nasty names. No wonder at the end of the day they crave ‘realness’.

The taxi guy grumbles that people don’t say a word to each other on public transport but the moment they hop into his cabbie, there is non-stop chatter. As well as business people at the start of his day, he sees young people at the end of the day, and mostly this lot are drunk. Tip: don’t call a taxi guy ‘Driver’. They hate that!

The paramedic is another bloody job with more terror, guts and death than the SAS. Sadly, he sees dark places where people need serious head help, like drug dens or bodily help like terrible car crashes. But he reports on the heartening moments too, like bringing a baby into the world. Or helping an old lady who has fallen and having a cup of tea with her ‘cause she just wants to talk to someone. Suicides, rapes, drunks, druggies, breaking sad or bad news to people is all part of a day’s work. Why on earth does he do this? He just wants to help people!

So, to the dominatrix. First things first, she doesn’t sleep with her clients. They come to her dungeon for fun and get a release. Some are quite weird and others are harmless, like the guy who wants to roll around in custard. I’d rather eat it, to be honest. Nothing surprises or disgusts our dominatrix. She claims not to make a fortune as she has overheads the same as we all do.

Think of it this way, she is working from home in her dungeon, therefore like the rest of us she is a home business. Tsk-tsk ...

Know any unusual jobs? Particularly weird home based businesses? Please do tell us about them.