Using Facebook For Your Home Business Sales

Through working at iHubbub I have noticed recently that more and more start-up home businesses are using their facebook business page as their home business website. I am not just talking as a way to interact with new customers or to build up their profile but taking orders and showcasing products.

If it works, it is a clever way to reduce your home business start-up costs but is it ok by facebook rules?

facebook home business shopThe iHubbub home business members that are running their home business through facebook do so by posting pictures of their home business products and then customers can order by either private messaging the page owner or by placing a comment under the image. The customer is then sent an invoice for the amount and then they can pay by paypal. When the home business has received the payment they send out the goods.

It all seems relatively straight forward and yes it is completely fine to be selling on your facebook page. There are even apps where you can integrate your ebay and etsy stores into your facebook page. Plus apps where you can have a shopfront as part of your page. Some are free and others you will have to pay extra for.

The benefits to selling on facebook

  • No start up costs.
  • It is an easy way to interact with potential customers and their friends.
  • Images of your products can be shared easily by your customers.
  • There are over 1 billion users on facebook, that’s a lot of potential customers!
  • It’s an easy way to test the market for your home business.

Overcoming the downside of selling on facebook

The big fact is that you don’t own your home business facebook page, facebook do.

Although it is unlikely that facebook will disappear overnight, it could and along with it your home business.

Rather than rely solely on facebook it would be worth creating a way to collect your home business fans email addresses or contact details.

You could collect email addresses by:

  • Sending out a monthly home business newsletter
  • Running a home business competition, where customers can enter into the prize draw by submitting their email address.
  • At the very least make sure you keep all of the email addresses of your home business enquiries and ask if they would like to be included in your home business newsletter.
  • This way you have the contact details of your fans and you can contact them independently.

Sell and Promote Your Home Business On iHubbub

As well as using facebook to sell your goods you will soon be able to do the same on iHubbub.

At the moment you can showcase your home business on iHubbub through your profile, pinning your home business and freelance consultancy to the map and by adding images or your services and home business products to the iHubbub galleries.

Exciting news is that coming very soon you will be able to sell your home business products and freelance services on iHubbub to all of our members and visitors.

More ways for you to sell more of your home business services and products without it costing a fortune.