Work From Home Mums Get Set, Go

This week was my children’s school sports day, thankfully they are much more sporty than I ever was and actually enjoy it. It is my son’s favourite day of the year, along with dressing up on World Book Day so all in all nothing too much to worry about.

That is until the dreaded announcement of the parent’s races. This year the mum’s had a skipping race and the dad’s fought it out in a wheelbarrow race. I was keen to do a home office chair race - with my experience of racing office chairs while working at home, I just knew I'd win. Sadly, the idea didn't go down that well!

Anyway, much to my children’s embarrassment I entered the mum's skipping race and thankfully didn’t come last.

This is not a time when only taking part matters, family honour was at stake. All I can say is next year will be different … I will try and exercise more in the home office shed, that and wear trainers. Who knew that flip-flops can be a bit of a health hazard when competing?

It was only afterwards that I realised I should have practised more. Because I work from home I could have been out in the lovely sun and skipping away during my coffee breaks. Dahh, next time I'll get ahead of the skipping game and beat the other mums!

work from home race trackSince sports day a number of parents that I don’t know too well have come up to me and chatted, and I can only put it down to the skipping race. Entering stuff gets you noticed.

Hee, hee, little do they know about my secret plans to limber up and get some skipping exercises into my working at home routine.

Recently iHubbub entered the Blue Drop awards and we won Best Social Site 2013, entering that has also got us noticed.

And this has got me thinking that we all need to enter more business awards, from local to national  to even international. It is time home businesses and freelancers enter and get noticed. Just think of all the free publicity for you and your home business!

Pssst, can't say it too loud but watch this space to find out about some exciting awards coming soon.

National papers like to point out that there are more of us starting up our own home businesses, or working as freelancers.

On that note ... as a freelancer I am sure that there are numerous freelance projects that you have worked on that would be worthy of entering into a freelancing business award within your field. If you worked for a big company that would be the job of the marketing department but you need to go out and find them. You will be amazed at how many there are and imagine the free publicity you will receive from winning or being short-listed.

And the more people know about you within your freelance profession, the more business will come your way.

The same goes for home businesses, look for awards for your industry and don’t think you are not ready or are not on the same level as some of the previous winners as the only difference is that they filled in the application form.

A word of warning: the applications for most awards take ages, do not put it off to a later date as quite often you will either miss the deadline or rush it at the end. And yes that is the voice of experience.

I would love to hear about any awards you have entered your home business or as a freelancer. We will all be cheering you on.

Business awards are not just about winning, being short-listed will also be good free publicity and the more you enter the quicker you will get at those application forms!