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About iddaolag

I am the founder and director of Buds Day Nursery and Buds Pre-school, providing childcare services for children from birth to 5 years of age.

In 2001 I opened Buds Pre-school to promote Early Education in children other than just the conventional daycare services.

I have extensive experience in midwifery services, I.e. labour ward and community, and I am still a practising midwife. I have worked as a health promotion manager, and launched promotional centres in mother cares in Lewisham, Surrey Quays and Elephant and Castle shopping precinct for pre-conceptual care anti-natal, intrapartum and post-natal advice. I conducted pre and post-natal exercises as a qualified aerobics teacher.

I managed to teach all my three sons to read from the age of exactly two years and one week, and wanted to share this gift of early reading with other families, hence the move to childcare services. I have managed to help many children to read before leaving my nurseries for primary schools.

In 2011 I opened a new nursery to concentrate entirely on early reading schemes for children, as well as writing a book about it.

I am able to combine my love of midwifery and under 5 years education and inspire parents, carers and other childcare educators in the love of books and early reading among children.

My mission is to provide children with time and attention in discovering their genius potential to read from as young as two years old. I leave them feeling confident to succeed and aspire to reach their greatest potential, as they prepare for mainstream school.






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