Invest US in Cleveland

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About Invest US

Invest US in Cleveland permits you to invest in real estate from home without lifting a finger. You purchase your real estate on the index and you gather your rents each fifteenth of every month. We deal with everything for you. So we promise you a quiet and simple investment in the USA. At Invest US in Cleveland, we are responsive and content with what we do.

With its system of specialists and associates, every investor profits by exclusive and customized support at each phase of the securing procedure: making of the American organization LLC OFFERED, opening a bank account with FREE help, mark of the property, support with the legal official until "closing", rental management with our French-speaking group, catch up with accounting and resale if the investor chooses.

Through our forceful marketing strategy, we will source the best arrangements from the proprietors according to quite certain criteria, for example, the road where the property is found and the measure of work. With its experience for a long time, our Works Team is used to carrying out the restoration works of the products we offer, we will be enchanted to have the option to introduce the Teams to our investors when they come to meet us in Cleveland. Invest US in Cleveland encourages the obtaining groups to get the best arrangements available, by meticulously selecting the properties according to the most in vogue neighborhoods and boulevards of Cleveland.