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Arts And Crafts, United Kingdom.

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About John

Born in the UK he was educated in Bath and majored in Art and Art history and History of Building. At 21 he acquired his first Rolleiflex 6 x 6 film camera and never looked back.

He has had numerous exhibitions, both solo and joint and has been exhibited by invitation in the UK and USA. Brooks holds 7 International Awards for his work in the last three years.

His printmaking ranges from large photomontages of altered landscapes to abstract creations from his own sources producing surreal or imagined landscapes in addition to traditional Fine Art Images.

He says “Any artform is a personal matter of taste and the interaction of the viewer with the subject matter. My years of study of architectural form has shaped my perception of this subject.”

The artist has travelled extensively around the world since an early age. Consequently the many cultures and varieties of landscape have influenced his view of the world.

He has been particularly inspired by the work of Callahan and Joel Meyerowitz and the painter Andrew Wyeth.

Over the last five years his work has been created using both digital cameras and film cameras of medium and large format.