Celebrating Fabulous Women

Obviously we know that all women are fabulous human beings, but here at iHubbub we particularly feel that business women should be held aloft and celebrated. A quick look at Forbes' most recent list of 'The World's 100 Most Powerful Women' gives you an overview of some of the incredible heights women are achieving in modern times.

Which leads us to the one day each year that we all whoop it up for these fab-u-liss women ...

International Women’s Day is 'a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.'

On March 8 every year, women get together across the world to take part in events and initiatives that honour their amazing accomplishments and help to continue the fight for equality in all aspects of life.

Celebrating fabulous women running their own home based business

This year there are over 1000 such events already scheduled on the official website, and charities such as Oxfam use the occasion to bring awareness and fundraising to the plight of women still living in poverty.


Incredible Achievements

From recognisable political faces such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde and Brazillian President Dilma Rousseff, right through to philanthropist Melinda Gates and first woman executive editor of the New York Times Jill Abramson, the top ten of the Forbes' list alone shows the breathtaking scope of their attainments.

Closer to home, you only have to look at many of iHubbub's member profiles, or read some of our inspiring showcase articles to see the creativity, enthusiasm and damned hard work that they put into their business success stories.


Women On Fire

Jackie Cross runs Jaqueline Cross Photography, now a thriving and successful photography business, but she faced huge challenges in the beginning.

Jackie says ‘After my burning passion of photography had lain dormant for over 20 years, I decided to set up a vibrant photography business at the most difficult time ever. A few years ago I made the decision to leave my partner after 14 years.

All the odds were against me in surviving in business; without any funding and without any extra income coming into the household, I still decided to go ahead and set-up a new business in an already over-saturated market, in a challenging current climate.


Start Up Funding

A business start-up without funding? That’s certainly a challenge. So how did Jackie get off the ground?

‘I was still using a very basic DSLR when I first started, but with this I still managed to get good commercial work. I even shot the Oxford United FC players’ head shots a few years ago on a budget – with great success.’

After starting with practically nothing, Jackie has worked tirelessly to build up her photography business (even recently winning ‘4th Most Loved Photography Business in the UK’!) – what were her key tactics?

‘First I pushed forward with finding a little niche – social media profile images. Then I networked, networked and networked! I worked to build strategic relationships. This helped tremendously and I am now proud to have a great support network.'   


Overseas Success

Venturing further afield is another home working iHubbub member, Vanessa Davies. She’s just returned from Perth, Australia, having achieved the export of her clinical services and skin camouflage creams. 

Vanessa was given help for this exciting development after she contacted UK Trade and Investment last October. They agreed to help her expand her business, and set up a series of meetings for her in Western Australia. Then it was up to Vanessa to make the most of this amazing opportunity!

Vanessa says ‘I met Fiona Wood, a top Australian plastic surgeon who focuses on burns patients and has achieved Australian of the Year as well as many other credits for her work. Fiona was aware of the benefits of skin camouflage as she was from the UK and was very keen to take the skin camouflage service into her departments.

I too work with burns patients, so we had an extremely focused and positive meeting. As a result my skin camouflage will be available in The Royal Perth Hospital and the Princess Margaret Children's Hospital.’

Impressive eh? These two ladies are just two examples of the kind of home business entrepreneurs that iHubbub will be standing up and applauding on International Women’s Day, and we want to hear from more of you!


Home Working Mothers

All working mums know that we’re a special breed; constantly wearing so many different hats we should really have our own hat stand following us about, we swap between super mum and focused business woman without blinking an eye. (That’s not to mention the time we spend as taxi drivers, chefs and all-round domestic goddesses…)

One minute we’re sorting out clean uniforms and packed lunches, the next we’re on the phone to an important client, finalising the next big contract for our start-up businesses. And all this whilst still looking cool, calm and collected… (well, mostly!).

Home Working

Working from home can make all this juggling a bit easier. You can start work at whatever time suits you, take time out whenever you need to in order to get your children off to school or fit in dentist appointments. If you find it easier to throw yourself into your work in the evenings then you have that option too; you’re not dependant on what time the janitor comes round to switch off the office lights and lock up!

No Commute

Not having a commute using your car or public transport means that you won’t spend hours waiting in traffic, or on a cold platform; once you’ve dropped the kids off you can get straight back to your home office and continue working on your current exciting project, knowing that you can work uninterrupted (i.e. no office colleagues stopping by your desk to gossip about Sally from Marketing!) and really focus on what’s needed to be done. 

Healthy Eating

It’s easier to stay home working healthy as well; your kitchen is across the hallway, so at lunchtime you can fill up on something nutritious, instead of munching on calorific shop-bought sandwiches and sugary snacks from the vending machine.

Reward Yourself With Some 'Me Moments'

As the UK celebrates Mother’s Day, we at iHubbub would like to extend a huge cheer to all those women who are currently at their home office desk looking at their business plans before rushing off to pick up their children and start thinking about what’s for tea.

You are fabulous and we want you to stay that way, so take some time out this weekend to reward yourself with some 'Me Moments' or treat your home working feet to some pampering!

Better still, get your loved ones to show you how much they're appreciated by making you this scrummy recipe!

Happy ‘Home Working Mother’s Day’ to you all!

If you run your own business, and you’d like to feature in one of our Showcase articles, drop us a line and tell us why the iHubbub community should get to know you! 


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