Christmas Party Feet

Winter brings about visions of boots, thick socks and warm slippers snuggling under your home office desk, so it’s easy to forget to give them some love and attention before the round of Christmas parties. 

Rosalind Brookman took a break from her home business, slipped on her party shoes to show you how to get your feet in shape for those sparkly shoes.

 healthy home working feet will enjoy party shoes

Prepare for Pretty Feet!

Carnation Footcare advises all home business owners who are hard on their feet to make sure your feet are hard skin-free and silky smooth, ready to strut their stuff with an exfoliating Foot Scrub.

Especially ones that formulated to leave your feet smooth and reinvigorated. For example, their range of Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell effectively removes rough, hard skin while mineral oil moisturises the treated area.

Rubbing moisturiser in to those glowing exfoliated feet feels great - if you really want to treat them then pop on the moisturiser before you go to bed, and sleep with socks on. In the morning your feet will be as soft as peaches!

If cracked heels are a problem then they suggest you use their Cracked Heel Cream with peppermint to rehydrate the skin, whilst leaving them smelling fresh and feeling cool.


Carnation Footcare's podiatrist Tariq Khan passes on a tip for healthy home working feetTariq Khan from Carnation Footcare 

Wash your feet every day in warm soapy water (don't soak them, as this might destroy the natural oils) and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. 

If your skin is dry, apply moisturising (calendula) cream all over the foot, except for between the toes. 

Lightly apply a foot powder. 



Dress Them Up 

Now your feet are ready to party it's time to find them the shoes they deserve. The six inch stilettos you’ve spotted on your favourite shopping website may look fabulous, but think of your feet after a few hours in them – especially if there’s going to be any dancing involved.

Think about looking for some lower heels – they’ll be just as pretty and you won’t be desperate to rip them off as soon as you jump in the taxi home!

If you can't resist the lure of 'those shoes' however then prepare your feet before you leave your house - Scholl also have a Party Feet range of gel cushions that bring relief to dancing feet!                                            

Nail It

Nothing tops off fab shoes like the bright and sparkling nail varnish - but it's only going to look good if your nails themselves look good.

If you've worn nail varnish all through the summer then once your sandals are back in the cupboard, and you're padding to your home office every day in thick, woolly socks, take off that old colour and give your nails a chance to rehydrate.

Wear a beautiful colour on your toes like classic red, or a gorgeous glitter to shake away winter blues. Don't forget an anti-staining base coat.

Then tidy up the nails by cutting it straight across and filing them smooth. Pop on a conditioning serum and let them rest; when the party invitations start rolling in they’ll be ready to re-coat.

Then go wild - choose vivid colours that compliment your clothes and get your feet noticed - they deserve it after all the effort you've put in!

Check out how to keep your own home working feet in tip top shape.

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