Effective Photos For Online Selling

If you’ve got a home business then you wouldn’t dream of putting sub-standard photographs on it to represent it, would you?

Well, it’s the same principle when you’re selling things in your start-up business online shop. Getting a great image on your product or service in the iHubbub iStore is easy, and can be the difference between a sale or not.

A good picture can sell your item for you. However, it’s amazing how many people don’t put that much thought into what their item looks like on the site.

Would you buy an item based on a picture that doesn’t show you clearly what condition it’s in? If an item is well positioned and lit it looks far more inviting, and therefore is more likely to sell. 

So, pick up your camera and follow our simple steps to creating a picture so enticing people will start bidding on your product immediately!

how to add images to online shops to sell your items

Using Your Camera For Online Shop Imagery

Before you open your mouth to say ‘Oh, but I don’t have an expensive camera to take great shots with,’ let me stop you right there. Firstly, the market is flooded with cheap digital cameras that take shots that are plenty good enough for online selling. 

Secondly, the picture you use to market your item doesn’t have to be David Bailey standard – this is the internet we’re talking about, not some art gallery where it would be under high levels of scrutiny.

It’s the other factors of the shot that are important; lighting and composition are what gives your picture the edge over a similar item that’s just been plonked on the kitchen table and shot with no thought to its backdrop.  

Really, believe me, this stuff is important when you're selling online.

Clean And Polish Your Online Items For Sale

This should go without saying, but before you take your picture make sure your online item is looking its best! Clean it up; remove all the dust and spiders it will have accumulated if it’s been sitting in your loft for ages and shine all the shiny bits. 

Good Backgrounds For Online Shop Images

You want your background to contrast with your product; i.e. if you have a dark coloured home office chair to sell then use a white backdrop, or a neutral coloured background for a white product.

This will make sure your item stands out, instead of blending into the rest of the scene.

Using Good Image Lighting

Use diffuse lighting (this can be natural or artificial) to ensure that your product is completely lit. Make sure the light is positioned so that there aren’t any shadows, or so it doesn’t bounce off any reflective surfaces. 

Don’t have any clutter in the shot. If you’re selling a printer, but the photo of it shows it on the desk in your home office next to a shredder and a fax machine it’s likely to confuse your intended buyers. 

Taking The Right Online Shop Item Shots

Adjust your camera resolution to medium or higher (try 1024 x 768 or above). This will produce clear photographs. 

You want your picture to show off every detail of your product so take it close-up, and fill the frame if the size of your product is obvious.

For example, if you’re selling a CD you can assume that everybody knows how big they are, so it should take up the whole shot,  but if you’re advertising a toy train it’s helpful to add something like a tape measure into the picture, so that people know whether they’re buying one that can be pushed round a toy track or one big enough for their child can ride on! 

If you are able to put more than one shot of your product up, take pictures from angles which will give your buyers a real idea of what it looks like. Include things such as labels, accessories and any kind of packaging if this is appropriate to your item. 

This is also recommended if you are selling something which isn’t perfect; if there are any stains, rips or discolouration you should disclose this in your pictures as well as the written description.  It’s amazing what people will buy from your start-up home working business, even if not in the best condition – but they need to know about flaws before the item arrives on their doorstep if you don’t want to receive lots of negative feedback!

Things To Avoid 

When selling your items in an online shop, be sure to avoid these ...

- Don’t use the flash on your camera if you can help it. The product will look much better if lit by overhead lighting instead. The flash will also bounce off any mirrored surfaces if you're not careful.

- Don’t ‘borrow’ pictures from elsewhere to advertise your product. You could fall foul of the copyright laws, and a personal shot will reassure your buyers that they are getting the correct item.

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