Finding Items To Sell On eBay

So you've decided to expand your home business by opening up an eBay shop and making some extra money selling through online shops, but you're thinking what's next?

You've got the name and your logo, and you've read up every detail on how this whole selling thing works. Now it's time to get - oh! What are you going to sell exactly?!

If you already have a business, and that business has a product then you are good to go. Get on out there and sell it! Have a look at our online shop pricing comparison to see what online shop providers charge so you can get your home business products selling fast!

If however you are starting from scratch, then there are many ways you can source products to sell.

Before we have a look at just a few, forget that iHubbub also has a new free online shop and an exciting iStore where you can sell your products and services!


how to sell your home business products or freelance services in a free online shop

Look Around You

What have you got already? Most people's houses are crammed with stuff they don't actually need or want. Those jeans you bought in a sale that were a size too small but you thought 'I'll diet into them!' Do they fit yet? Thought not, so get them in your eBay shop!

That ceramic hedgehog that Aunty Edna bought you for Christmas that's still in its box in your home office desk drawer? Get it  in your eBay shop! (Unless she shops on eBay that is - she might see it and buy you a second one!)

If you really turn your house inside out then you're bound to find lots of stuff that's in good enough condition to sell.


Ask The Family

Family, friends, neighbours...they're all worth speaking to. Ask them if they have anything that no longer want that you think could raise a few pounds on eBay. You can rope them in by offering them a cut of your profits as well - you'll probably find bags of items appearing on your doorstep if you do!


Sell Your Wares

If you already make a living selling items that you yourself create then this is teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. But you may just not have considered those fab birthday cards that you make for your freelancer colleagues - how about having a crack at selling them? If you can knit scarves, throw clay pots or draw hilarious caricatures then I'll bet that somebody will want to buy them if you make a feature out of them in your shop!


Jumbled Up

Set aside some time from going over your start-up business plans to take a look at the back pages of your local paper - you'll find loads of jumble sales, house clearances and charity sales (the NCT do regular ones for example) where, if you're willing to spend time sorting through the heaped piles, you're bound to find lots of saleable items going pretty cheap. 

It goes without saying that you should only be looking for things that are in a good condition (or with a bit of love and upcycling you can make that way) - check them over and smell anything made of fabric (nobody is going to want a blanket that smells of wet dog) before you buy!


Give And Receive

Looking in charity shops is a great way to find items to sell on eBay. Not only will you (hopefully) be making a profit, but by buying from them in the first place you are also contributing to their profits. It's win-win!

Charity shops will generally have already sorted out the good stuff from the bad when somebody has donated items to them so you should quickly be able to recognise items that you should easily be able to sell on at a profit.

Plus, if you have decided on a particular product range that you want to focus on, many charity shops have sections devoted (or indeed, entire shops in some cases) to particular themes, for example: maternity and baby wear or wedding clothes etc.

Do some research on which geographical locations will be most productive for you to do a regular sweep of its charity shops during a break from your home-based franchise - more upmarket areas (Richmond upon Thames is just one good example) might have lots of shops in a small area which are full of really fantastic quality clothes (lots of designer labels) that are sold cheaply and which you can then sell on at a great profit.


In Your Town

If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that isn't one of the hundreds of generic town centres that are filled with big chain stores then you might be able to take advantage of some independent shops nearby.

If you find one that stocks items you think might sell well in your eBay shop pop in and talk to them. If you present a perfect pitch it's just possible you might be able to convince them to let you sell their products and give them a cut of the profits.



Dropshipping is a way of selling items to your customers via your eBay shop, without actually needing to buy the stock beforehand. You arrange a deal with a supplier (this will involve a fee to them for each item sold) and advertise the items in your shop. When somebody buys something you take the payment and then forward the order on to your supplier.

The supplier sends the items to your customer, and your profit is the difference between the amount you paid your supplier, and the amount you sold the item for. 

There are many companies who offer dropshipping services to eBay individuals - but it's important to work out your profit margins before you agree to anything. When the dropshippers tell you how much you can make from an item, they don't include the eBay fees in their calculations, so you have to add that in before you start rubbing your hands together with glee!

I hope your mind is now whizzing with potential products to sell - if you want to check out how our iStore works then we can help you get selling your home business goodies right away!

Our iHubbub shop is packed full of things that can help you increase your selling expertise. Why not also take a look here?  


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