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Online banking is a real time saver for home businesses; you can see your account and all your transactions at the click of a mouse, whenever you want. No more having to take time away from your home business to stand in a lunchtime queue at your local branch – and you are able to immediately see when your clients have paid up!

But we’ve all heard the horror stories of identity theft and bank accounts being accessed by fraudsters, and small businesses are extremely vulnerable to attacks as they don’t have the technical know-how, or the budget of large corporations. So how can you stay safe?  

Internet Security expert Kaspersky Lab gives you some advice to make sure your start-up business bank account isn’t at danger of being hacked.

Secure internet online banking for your ecommerce home business


Online fraudsters spend their time exploiting loopholes in computer security, and searching out weak passwords to access accounts, and once they have your personal information they can sell it on for huge sums of money. A lot of the time these cybercriminals are based overseas, and are largely anonymous, so bringing them to justice can be extremely difficult.

So what methods do these criminals use to capture your data?

Social engineering – phishing for personal information

Keylogging – a program that tracks everything typed on a keyboard

Botnet – robots that are networked and spread malicious software

Zombie computer – a PC that has been hacked into which then can be used to launch malicious attacks, or join a botnet

Denial-of-service attack – this is when a server or network is flooded so nobody can use a particular service

Fast flux – Botnet computers move data quickly between them so the source of malware or phishing is harder to uncover

Safeguarding Your Online Banking Security

Banks, and other large corporations benefit from sophisticated firewalls, and antivirus protection, but your home business is unlikely to be able afford the same sort of cover. But there are some easy steps you can take to fight the cybercriminals.


Weak passwords compromise your online security. Don’t use personal details to create a password, and make sure you use a combination of numbers and letters, both upper and lower case.

Use different passwords for each of your online accounts.

It’s obviously best if you don’t write your passwords down at all, but if you have lots of accounts it’s difficult to ensure you remember them all. Use the ‘safe notes’ area of a Total Internet Security program as this will protect them with password encryption.

If your browser uses automatic form filling then turn it off. Cybercriminals are capable of using this browser data to fake your identity.

Emergency Action

If it’s possible that cybercriminals have got into your account the first thing you need to do is tell your bank immediately. They can then put a block on to your account (meaning that no more activity will take place) and as long as you have stuck to their recommended security procedures then they should get your stolen money back to you.

Protecting Your Online Identity

The most effective way to do this is to use a proven internet security program. This is one better than basic anti-virus software. It should ensure that any websites you use for your home business where you have to enter a username and password are kept secure.

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 is Kaspersky Lab’s premium Total Internet Security service. It has a password manager that will create strong passwords, keep them secure in an encrypted vault, and logs you on to apps and websites so you don’t have to enter passwords yourself. There’s a new cloud-based function where you can sync all your passwords over more than one PC. 

PURE 3.0 includes specific technology for online banking, and it will check every URL it encounters to ensure it’s not a phishing scam, and there are both virtual and secure keyboards so keyloggers are unable to capture personal information.  

You’ve worked so hard to get your start-up business off the ground – so don’t lose out to cybercriminals, ensure your online banking activity is well protected.

What are you waiting for? Book your free Kaspersky trial now!

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