Home Office Desks

If you aren't one of those home workers lucky enough to have a bespoke home office (oh for a heated log cabin in the garden!) then you have probably had to fit into whatever space you can to work on your business start-up.

You can manage without wonderful storage facilities if you have to and you can even make your own organisers for your stationery so your pens aren't lying about all higgeldy-piggeldy!

Perhaps you're able to cope without an inspiring view, although wouldn't one be wonderful? But the BIG what you can't do without - is a comfortable office chair and somewhere, someplace to land your laptop. 

You might have to freelance as Rosalind Brookman does at a table already established in her home. Ros's family eat around her sometimes as she works from home!

You might have to freelance as Rosalind Brookman does at a table already established in your home.

So if you have room for a desk, Ros went desk hunting and instead found a little help from Simon Cliffe, the Wayfair office expert.


The location of your home office desks will dictate the size and the style to go for – so this should be the first consideration.  Always think about aiming for a healthy home office environment - if it's possible position your desk facing into the room, so you don't spend your day staring at the wall, and if you can sit looking out of the window then so much the better.

Once you've established where your desk is going, measure up the space and have a think about the style and finish that you'd like.

Type Of Finish

Home business desks ultimately fall into “Good, Better and Best” categories, like all furniture where products are distinguished by price point and ultimate product quality.

At the bottom end of the market you’re looking at a selection of mass produced products that are either chipboard or MDF with a foil finish. Choose white, black, or walnut for that more contemporary look. Go for beech or oak for a more traditional desk.  The technology behind foils today is outstanding with both realistic wood grains and high gloss finishes a real possibility.

For a more durable surface home workers should be looking for desks with a melamine top. These do tend however to give a more commercial look (beech, grey etc.) but will cope much better with coffee mug stains if you forget your coaster!

Commercial pieces will give you options around cable management which means less chance of tripping over your printer wire or phone charger. At this end of the market flat-packed furniture reigns which is perfect for your less accessible urban dwellings. 

As you move into the mid-priced (“good”) or high end (“best”) ranges, the choices open up for you with a mixture of solid wood options such as oak and mahogany  or your designer-led products incorporating a host of materials and techniques such as metal work, composites, and tempered glass emphasizing quality, style and luxury.

Shape And Style

There are a plethora of options available on the market but you have to think about what space the desk is going to fit into. You can buy straight, corner and hideaway desks to name just three.  

Corner or L-shaped desks allow you to maximize the use of a 90 degree space.  Hideaway desks are perfect for those that don’t have a designated home office area but need something that offers a temporary working space in a living area within the home. 

To Pedestal Or Not…

Some desks offer drawer options as part of the package (single pedestal desk, double pedestal desks).  However what is fashionable in the world of office furniture at the moment is to forego the drawers and buy a separate filing cabinet to contrast or match.

And don't forget your home office plants!

Got an idea of what kind of desk you'd like? Take a look at the rest of home office make over features to revitalise your work space! 


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