How To Choose Online Business Fonts

When you're setting up a home business, it's easy to let the costs begin to mount up without really noticing.

If you really felt like it, you could shell out for pretty much every aspect of getting started, when with a little bit of home business knowhow you could actually do it yourself.

Free publicity, marketing and a fresh new website for your start-up can all be achieved at very little cost to your new enterprise.

And, talking of websites, have a quick look at yours.

The information on your home business service or product might be there, you may have uploaded some eyecatching photos to illustrate it, but have you considered which font might enhance your words to better effect?

How to choose fonts and the right typeface when setting up or starting an online business

Thanks to Google, you can find the perfect font for your website or that of your client without paying expensive usage fees or worrying about compatibility.

A single line of code allows you to embed these fonts into any project with ease. With so many options, the only question you need to find an answer to is ...


Which fonts are the best for my home business website?


And you don't even have to scour the list to find the answer to this question - iHubbub guest contributor Dixie Somers has sourced some for you!

Before you set up an online business and dive into all the learning involved with starting an online business, let's look at some font basics. In particular, choosing the right font or typeface is important to your brand.

On another note, a quick tip - you may want to read How To Create A Branding Brief.

How To Create A Branding Brief
How To Create A Branding Brief

Back to fonts ... the following five are great web font options; clear and easy to read, they'll give a professional look to your start-up online business website. 


Some people argue that serif fonts are safe for use online. While this may have been true as one point, when font choices were more limited, plenty of designers will argue the point today. This font finds itself on almost every best-of list and for good reason.

The chunky serifs, also known as slabs, make Arvo easy to read - a must if you want your home business website to actually tell people what you can offer them! Its geometric shape adds to readability, and the font includes bold, italic and combination versions. 

Droid Sans

What list of Google fonts would be complete without the now-infamous Droid Sans? It's friendly and renders beautifully to any device, so it's a great option if you're using a PDF converter to convert different types of files to editable PDFs. You may have seen it in menus or browsers on mobile phones. Steve Matteson gets credit for this font. Droid Serif is a related font with attractive serifs.

Josefin Slab

While Droid Sans is modern, this serif font is reminiscent of typewriter faces. It follows in the footsteps of other fonts that emulate 1930's typewriters, and it's the first font designed by Santiago Orozco who wanted to create something between Kabel and Memphis.


Spice up headlines and titles with Vollkorn (actually German for 'wholemeal'), a font ideal for use in print and on screen. Bold and italic options make this doubly so. It's been around the web since 2005, when Friedrich Althausen designed it.

Lobster And Lobster Two

Finally, you sometimes have need for a script font, and the last entry on this item is a twofer. Use these with caution because they can be difficult to read in smaller sizes. The font is bold, rounded and has hand-lettered ligature. The specific combination of letters provides a unique appearance thanks to these ligatures. The result is cursive-like, elegant and unlike any other font on this list.

Designer Pablo Impallari followed up with the successor, Lobster Two. This time, Impallari added four styles, including italic and bold. The default appearance of Lobster Two is a bit simpler, making it easier for some people to read without losing a shred of its sophistication.'

Take a look at our other articles on choosing online business fonts when you go about setting up your online business. And you want to ensure your online business looks the business with the best layout and fonts.

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who enjoys writing for the technology and business niches. You can find her on Facebook

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