How To Target Media For PR Campaigns

While chatting in another article on how to create a media list, for your PR campaigns when doing your own PR, I wanted to go through some key questions. Just how do you target the right media when you start doing PR and sending out press releases?

And more frustrating, where on earth do you find the right contacts for sending out your nice, new press release?

Quite simply, two ways to find media contacts.

Just how do you target the right media when you start doing PR and sending out press releases?

How To Find Media Contacts

1. Manually. The good ol' elbow grease method.

2. Online software submission. This is divided into online database software where you actively seek and find the contacts or your submit your fully optimised press release through a news wire service.

Find out more on this which companies to use to find media contacts.

Now, let's talk about that elbow grease ...


Target Your Media

Look through your local papers or specific publications and magazines. Set aside some time each week or month to do a bit of research into the type of articles that appear in the media, who is writing about what, what’s hot and what’s not, look at the various topics effecting your industry and then decide if you can add value to these publications.

Prepare a pitch or press release that may only need slight tweaking and can be used in a flash.

Whenever I set up a new campaign for a client, one of the first steps was to research journalists to prepare a list of publications to target. This could be anything from technical journals to business blogs or chatty consumer magazines.

Step into your clients or customers’ shoes and think about who they are and what they read, then make notes on what kind of publications you need to reach in order to find those visitors.

It may be only local and regional, but if your product or service is available to the world, why not go global?

Yeah, this could be scary at first, but don’t let the big wide world hold you back. If that is what your product needs, write it into your strategy. You would, of course, start with the immediate media and then slowly spread wider and wider until you have time and resources to cover a global media audience.

For example, iHubbub may be international, but we’ll focus on UK media first, before spreading the news across the globe.

Timings and Deadlines

Publications have different deadlines so remember to check this out when planning your campaigns. Here’s a guideline on submission deadlines.

1. Magazines

Generally they work a few months in advance so in the middle of the year or just after, an editor will be hunting for Christmas stories and features. They are planned far in advance, researched and written up, ready to go to press at least a couple of months before publication. For example, aim to send out Valentine releases between October and early December. A general rule of thumb – the thicker and glossier the magazine, the longer the lead time.

2. Newspapers

a) Locals, Regionals and Weekly
Depending on the frequency of the publication, their deadlines may vary. For instance, a local weekly newspaper’s deadline may be at the beginning of the week for a Thursday or Friday publication day, but they may also have inserts which will require an earlier deadline.

b) Nationals
Most national newspapers are daily and therefore news is far more instant. They do also work with various inserts and as a result they will be working to several deadlines each week and even each day. A quick call will sort out the exact deadline for the publication you are targeting.

3. Broadcast

TV and radio move extremely quickly when receiving a press release of interest, so you may be invited in for a guest spot at the drop of a hat.

Be ready!

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