Must Have Gardening Goodies

Whether you're into big time gardening or just potting about with your home office pot plants or windowsill herbs, with the fine weather we've been having you'll no doubt want to get away from your desk and take a gardening break.

We often do that - we even have regular coffee breaks in the garden - so we went in search of trendy new kit for your gardening adventures.

And we found lots of delightful goodies for your own home workers garden!

geared up for gardening when working at home

Firstly, you'll need a good pair of welly boots for your gardening tasks, find out our choice of wow welly boots.

Garden Equipment Trug Bag

Next you've gotta have something to lug all your gardening kit around with you as you move from one corner of the garden to the next ...

This cotton PVC coated garden trug bag is handy for keeping all your garden equipment neat and tidy.

Featuring their Ragged Rose signature print, it has 6 outside pockets for easy access to such things as secateurs or twine, with padded handles and large enough to carry your trowel, dibber and fork.

Complete with snap fastening this bag is just perfect for any messy hobby.

Price: £40
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Stylish Kneeling Comfort

Then you need something to kneel on, in my case Dexter just keeps stealing it away as it is more like a toy to chew on than something sensible like kneeling on. No wonder our staff want to fire him!

The Tulip and Rose Planter Set combines a comfortable design with superb dugarden kneeler padrability, providing the tools to see you through your gardening tasks all year round. The material of the firm kneeling pad is wipe clean to ensure the pretty pattern stays that way whilst keeping your knees clean and cosy.
Dimensions: Kneeling pad: 36.5cm x 22cm x 3cm Trowel: 30.5cm x 8cm Fork: 27.5cm x 7.5cm
Rose and Tulip Planter Set £19
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Thankfully this great looking kneeling pad is tough and mighty strong to withstand puppy chewing teeth!

Having the handle as well has outfoxed him - when he thinks its playtime and I want to get on with gardening, I hook my foot into the handle and he can't scamper off with it. Handy or what?

Biodegradable Garden Jute Twinegarden twine

If you're tying up bushes that have overgrown or doing a general tidy around the garden, you can't go wrong with having a bundle of twine in your trug bag.

Nutscene’s iconic Heritage twines offers a range of 12 colours for all your project’s needs.

Whether you use it in the garden, in the kitchen, classroom or craft room, Nutscene ® remains the original and best producer of quality colourful jute twines.

Biodegradable jute twines – materials are sourced from sustainable resources for over 90 years.

Price: 3 ply thickness.  110m length. £3.60 per spool
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Grow Your Own Balcony Veg

Want to live The Good Life but have limited space?
balcony veg planter
The ingenious planter takes the strain out of gardening and is ideal for narrow spaces. Designed to keep soil aerated, the Veg Trug Wall Hugger is made from sustainable fir and will last for many years. Its height keeps produce away from slugs and pets, and there is no bending and kneeling involved.

The Veg Trug Wall Hugger comes with a purpose built fitted membrane liner and is available in two sizes - 1m and 1.8m.

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A Personal Seed Pantry

The seed pantry from Amazon is great fun and perfect for someone looking to start growing their own vegetables at home! 

This seed kit shows you how to grow 10 gourmet vegetable seed pantry seed varieties with all the equipment needed to start growing the seeds.  It’s great gift that all the family can enjoy with practical step-by-step instructions. 

The seed pantry is Ideal for a back garden veg patch and includes a fantastic selection of easy-to-grow summer veg seeds bringing delicious fresh flavours to meals. 

Each pack of quality seeds and equipment comes in a super stylish gift box using recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks.

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Keep Your Green Fingers Germ Free!

No matter how clean and tidy your garden is, all sorts of bacteria and germs can be found lurking in the soil, such as Weils disease, Toxicara and Toxoplasmoris.
germ cleaner
Shockingly the average ‘clean looking’ pair of hands can hold up to 10 million germs, even after washing thoroughly with soap and water.

Thankfully eager green-fingered gardeners everywhere can now keep their hands free from nasty germs with the innovative instant hand sanitiser.

Ecohydra, which quickly kills up to 99.9999% (that's a lot of germs!) of germs , and can leave no more than just 10 germs on hands.

Alcohol free and enriched with natural moisturiser Aloe Vera, Ecohydra is free from harshness and can be used repeatedly throughout the day making it pleasant o use as well as highly effective. You can use it after feeding walking naughty pooches too!

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