Wow Welly Boots For Home Workers

If you’ve been working at home for yonks, like me, you’ll know there is nothing better than catching a spot of good weather and taking time out to garden.

Then again, the same goes for walking the pooch (find out why our team want to fire him).

When gardening weather broke out earlier this month, we couldn’t resist trying to find the best wellies for home workers.

And don't forget when your welly boots are old, don't toss them out. Instead find inspirational ways to use them such as this lovely example below, which could become a garden feature. If you have other ways to use your old welly boots, please share your ideas in the comments below.

When our welly-hunting we found lots of delightful goodies for your own home workers garden!

wellington boots for home working gardeners

Before we show you our choice, we thought we better share some expert tips on how to choose your own wellington boots or welly boots as most of us call them.

How To Choose The Ideal Welly Boot

A good gumboot or rain boot needs the following:

Sole – if you use your wellies for walkies (as I do for walking Dexter) you’ll need a really good thick tread on the sole. If a welly is more expensive due to the thick sole it’s definitely worth the money because you’ll get more wear out of your welly boots and you’ll be comfortable out walking. Wellies are not just for gardening!

Lining - If you are use your welly boots to go for a walk in Winter as well as Summer it's worth thinking about the boot lining.

Calf Size – If, like me, you have bigger calves - mine are from swimming - you'll be delighted to know I have been sneaky and tried to find either shorter wellies or wider wellies.

On and Off – Some wellies are so hard to pull on and then yank off when you have a muddy or grassy sole. Many have zipped boots for ease of removal, but you may find these a bit pricey. Look at the half welly boots and the ankle wellies or clogs if you need to dart back into the house after walking the pooch. Dexter is always, always, always full of mud and grass when we walk him outside on Salisbury Plain so the on-off business can be tricky.

Jileon Wellies Suggestions For Choosing Your Wellies

  1. Measure your calf size - this is the most common problem for people who find it difficult to find wellies to fit, so ensure you know the calf size before you buy. Read how to measure them correctly: (
  2. Think about what you are going to use your wellies for. Unfortunately as with most things, you do get what you pay for with wellies. If you are going to use them to walk the dog every day or muck out the horses, get a robust pair of boots (£50+). If you only wear them very occasionally and like a new pair for festival season, then you can afford to look for a cheaper funkier pair each year.
  3. Be Brave. You can get away with far bolder patterns on wellies than on most footwear. Don't be scared.
  4. Keep your feet warm. Wellies can get pretty chilly but nowadays there are many options to keep your toes warm. At the more expensive end of the market, many boots now have warm neoprene linings which are worth their weight in gold. However if you don't want to spend too much, grab a pair of welly warmers which will not only make your boots cosier but also more comfortable (
  5. Look after your Wellies. Rubber is a natural product which will degrade if it is not protected. Ensure you do not leave them stored in direct sunlight or near a radiator, and just wash them off with water rather than any cleaning liquid. They will then last a lot longer and still look good.

Bogs Suggestions For Choosing Your Wellies


  • Make sure your wellies are fully waterproof to ensure feet stay dry during wet days or when in muddy fields
  • Many rubber boots don’t keep feet warm so when choosing wellies opt for models that offer insulating properties in even the coldest temperatures to ensure feet are protected
  •  It’s great to have wellies that look great, but they also need to be robust enough to do the job. 
  • Many “fashion wellies” on the market offer style but not protection or durability so make sure you find a boot that offers a combination of both.

Now - let's go find the best wellies in town!

Extra Wide Fit Funky Wellies

These fantastic Jileon wellies are part of their wide fit range - suitable for calves of up to 46cm.  In a lovely plum colour, with a removable ankle strap, these wellies have a funky look and are ideal for the festival season.

To give you a different look, you can add or remove the ankle strap quickly and easily, so you can actually accessorise your boots!

The fleece lining warms them up in the winter, and makes them soft and comfortable in the summer. They are durable with an extra rubber strip around the sole to protect them further from any splits.

We think these wellies are superior in comfort as you can easily use them for regular walking trips. I use them every day to walk our puppy Dexter - see why our staff wanted to fire him - and they are padded enough under foot for a long walk. I even used them to hike up a hill. I was puffed out at the top, but my feet were not blistered or aching.

A great stylish welly boot!

Price: 34.95
Buy link:


Radley Doodle Dog Print Short Wellies

A high quality pair of black and cream short wellington boots, covered in a light hearted doodle dog print by Radley. radley doodle welly boots

These stylish rubber boots from an iconic British designer will make sure you’re looking good whatever the weather.

Buy Link:,default,pd.html


The Great Gatsby Welly

Following the release of The Great Gatsby 1920s gangster chic has soared in popularity. are delighted to show case their latest spats inspired boots.  gatsby spats welly boots

A natural rubber ankle boot based on the 1920s spats – they are fashionable, durable and comfortable.

Perfect outdoor good weather and if you're into festivals, you'll step out in style and keep the mud off your toes. They are easy to slip on and off, but you may find the buttons a bit fiddly. Lots of colours to choose to match your outfits.

Wear your Gatsby spats to the beach or out with the kids when you need to show off!

Price: from £37.99
Buy Link: 


The mouillere® overshoe available from Boatique is easily slipped on to your shoes to protect the base and tops from getting muddy or wet. Ideal for boaters, gardeners, cyclists, riders etc.
The unique elasticity of the TPR rubber enables them to fit perfeboating wellington bootsctly onto all types of shoes, male or female.

Choose from a full range of gorgeous colours. Comes with either a bag or sac.

Boatique based in Henley on Thames, is a charming independent shop reflecting the local river environment.
It is a first port of call for a choice of clothing, accessories, gifts, homeware and more.

Browse anytime from the comfort of your own home (or from on board your boat), and keep up to date with the latest trends, new stock, brand stories and other regular updates. Boatique handpick their items and provide detailed information so that shopping online is like a virtual voyage to their Henley Shop!

Price: £45.00
Buy Link:


Perilla’s Luxurious Alpaca Wellington Boot socks

Every welly mentioned above needs some kind of sock or tother. If you're going walking or gardening on a cold day, you'll reward yourself with these fabulous ribbed knee length welly socks.

They are perfect for long country walks or digging up your garden.

With an in-built cushioned sole and hand linked toe seams for extra comfort, these durable socks are made out of 75% alpaca wool and 25% nylon making them lightweight and warm. Furthermore they are available in a range of stylish colours. welling boot socks

One thing I can is that this image does NOT do the socks justice. They are a MUST HAVE for anyone walking their pet every day!

Don't tell anyone, but I spent the day at London Book Fair with these soft socks hugging my legs.

They are great for any kind of boot not just wellies and so when I woke up and found the day as dreary as ever and knowing I'd be standing around on stations and the underground and then traipsing in and out of Earl’s Court at writing seminars, I thought: what the hell, no one can see that I’m wearing socks up to my knees under smart trousers! I got away with it and my feet and calves had a lovely day.

Now I am left wondering if I should do the same when I speak at the Business Start Up Show in May. Mmm, will anyone notice - what do you think?

RRP: £28.60
Buy Link:


Welly Boots Mat

Wipe your wellies in style and don't be afraid to welcome other welly bowellington boots welcome door matots into your home with this welcome mat.

It will prevent dirt and grime being walked throughout your home. The built in microfibre traps dirt and grime to help protect your carpet and keep your home clean.

It leaves mud on the mat, not on your floor and looks great too! It’s a welcoming touch for any home.

Price: £11.99
Buy Link:

What wellies are you wearing? Share yours with us below ...

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