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Wondergulets Group is the pioneer in Gulet charter and selling for over 20 years in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Montenegro. Our chose and arranged fleet of more than 300 Gulets, isolated into Standard, Superior and Luxury classes, ensures quality, dependability and intensity. We sort out selective charter and cabin charter cruises. Gulet is the name that Turkish individuals use to recognize as an enchanting and intriguing conventional wooden vessel. We are professed to be one of the not many companies on the planet worked in the rental, deal, development and the executives of this brilliant Gulets.

With the experience of over 20 years in this industry by living likewise in Turkey, Bodrum where the home of the Gulet. Knowing by and by vessels, pontoon proprietors and shipyards, cruising with these pontoons by adding to the improvement of this market and advancing the business all around the Mediterranean basin(Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain) has enabled us to gain this learning to give the absolute best client experience to you.

Our proceeds with visits to these boats, to pontoon proprietor companies and to shipyards, enables us to continually assess their conditions, the demonstrable skill of the group, the significance and the financial unwavering quality of pontoon proprietors and shipyards. Every one of these elements is constantly factored now and again in light of the fact that this industry is quickly changing and not generally vessel proprietors and shipyards can keep up a consistent quality.

We constantly select just the superior shipyards and pontoon proprietor companies while keeping up the trust, regard and shared an association with them and we have become the Priority of them.
We are putting forth you the immediate evaluating of vessel proprietors and we keep up a higher bartering power with them while encouraging notwithstanding for installments.

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