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What Does Your Home Reveal About Your Personality?
You know, the first impression is not everything. You may be back home after a date with an awesome guy. He seems perfect; from a promising career, expensive apartment, decent income, to tender loving care, and dazzling looks. All together, they make you swoon.
That said, every man (and woman) in the world may have a little secret into their home and home cleaning behavior. Your living space is one of the most magnificent reflections of your personality. Why don’t we uncover it now?
1. The overall messiness
According to studies, you are likely to create better ideas when in a messy environment. Still, the downsides are, you are probably less willing to follow the rules and you will make unhealthy choices. Moreover, tidy rooms result in a rise in generosity. Psychologists also say that happy people prefer an orderly life.
2. Your bed
Do you exercise daily? Are you fond of your current job? If you think making your bed and cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is not worth the time, then chances are, you do not like your job and you avoid workouts. As per one survey of over 50,000 people, those with the habit of arranging their sheets, blankets, and bedspread on the bed are likely to enjoy their jobs aside from exercising regularly.
3. The area under your bed
This can reveal how anxious you are. Having hidden messes under your beds is common. If you are one of the few exceptions, you may have an anxious personality. According to social scientists, more eager people try harder to control their environment.
4. Your sock drawer
Surprisingly enough, the sock drawers of those who are orderly and pay attention to details tend to be messier and more chaotic. That may be because they spend more time handling their life’s more important details.
5. The throw pillows
If you have big, bold stripes in your home, you are supposedly confident. People can think whatever they want; it does not matter to you. Geometric prints could mean you deem order necessary. If your pillows have animal prints, you may be creative. Polka dots usually mean you have another fun side.
6. Your shower
According to a study, those who take more extended baths and showers often feel lonely. They use hot showers and baths in place of being intimate and attached without being fully aware.
7. Your chair
Research has pointed out that people have more vigorous negotiation when sitting on a hard chair compared to a softer seat. They first haggle more and are less willing to increase their offer when driving a hard bargain. Indeed, a hard physical surface can make your mind frame more unyielding without your knowing.
8. Your closet
Ever wonder whether you are someone who holds onto the past? Have you kept plenty of suits from your previous jobs, old school uniforms, or clothes that do not fit anymore in your closet for ages? If so, you probably do not love the garments themselves but are dwelling in the memories related to them. Sell them or donate them to charity after taking a photo of each item. Do a deep cleaning. It is time to move on with your life.
9. The front door
It could say whether you are outgoing. Research has shown that a red front door communicates that you are bold and say what you think. A blue door means you are calm and secure in most situations. Black may broadcast your consistency, conservation, and reservation. The green color reveals your traditional values.
On the whole
Are you fond of living in a clean and orderly home? Do you love cleaning and detailing it with a best vacuum cleaner? Or would you rather spend your time in a house cluttered with souvenirs, objects, etc.?
Some people find a neat room to be soothing. They think it as an orderly retreat in a world that is disorderly most of the time. For others, such places can be uninspiring. Some feel anxious in a messy room, while others think more creatively amid the clutter.
Generally, your bed, closet, etc. say more about you than you think. We hope the above information unveils somewhat about what is behind room psychology.
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