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About Morvenna

My qualifications and experience have been in the care and education sector where i worked for many years with chidren and young adults statemented with learning disabilities, mentally and emotionally disabled in special schools or behaviour units within mainstream schools.

Following an accident which left me with some mobility problems i feel its time to change my career as caring can be very demanding physically. Being unable to work i decided to return to education myself to gain a degree in humanities with arts history. I study part time and have completed my first two years in history and social science. I will continue the course specialising in arts history which is my passion.

I love art. I paint and sketch as a hobby, i have taken various courses in art and ceramics. I love the historical facts that art, over time builds us a picture of our true history. Art has a huge importance in how we depict the past, the study of humanity. Not just art, but music, literature, theatre all gives us a glimpse into where we come from and what we have (or have not in some cases) learnt.

I see myself working with or alongside art. During my recovery art has been my therapy. I would love to see others gain so much pleasure by awakening their creative sides. I hear so many say 'i cant draw' or 'i cant paint', rubbish you dont have to be a fantastic artist to gain pleasure from creating. The benefits on the soul to be creative are so healing, calming and helps one gain confidence in other aspects of life. I would love to help someone find their creativity. Maybe teaching workshops, giving lectures on the subject, writing on it. Prisons, nursing homes, long stay hospital wards, community groups and mental health charities could all benefit from a little art therapy or creative writing and thats what i would love to do.

Art and literature, learning new skills, meeting new people along the way, passing on to others what helped me.

I hold qualifications in nursery nursing, workplace mentoring, basic counselling, care skills, art and graphic design. Most of my experience has been working with children, teenagers/young adults. I feel my main strenghts lie in good communication, listening skills, teaching, mentoring and work on my own innititive.