5 Things A Girl Should Not Forget When Packing For A Holiday

5 Things A Girl Should Not Forget When Packing For A Holiday

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Packing is always a stressful process, especially for us girls, since we're not sure about what to bring when it comes to shoes, clothes and anything really. Let's try and summarize what are the top 5 things that you must not forget.

H1: Flats

Here's the deal girls, why are we always bringing 4 pairs of heels with us, ignoring the fact that maybe we will wear those just once? Packing different types of shoes will be helpful in case the streets are cobbled or just if you want to stay comfy one day for a long walk. My personal suggestion would be to pack at least one pair of trainers, some cute flats and flip-flops if you are planning on going to the beach!

H2: A Beach Bag

Same as flip-flops, a beach bag is a necessity in which you will put all the necessities like sun cream, a bottle of water and beach towels. Don't underestimate this, as many times it literally saved my life. (especially during beach parties, where you could put some nice dresses on)

H3: Loungewear

Women's loungewear is a nice fit for your everyday wear, in particular, some classic rib jersey. Bringing some loungewear with you is a nice idea, so you won't run out of outfits too soon.

H4: Makeup bag

I know the struggle when it comes to packing your makeup: what should I bring with me? Why this instead of this other one? Do I really need this? Well, to start off, bringing all your makeup bag with you is a terrible idea since it will take far too much space in your luggage and plus, you won't use every single product daily. Also, tanning is a must and you should show it off without covering it with too much makeup. With all that in mind, bring some lipstick, waterproof mascara and highlighter.

H5: A Bathroom Bag

Toothbrush, after-sun and your sunscreen are a must, don't forget them and put them in a safe place (a small bag) so you will be easily able to reach them once you arrive.

Don't forget your documents also, like your ID, passport etc!