5 Tips For Surviving A Long Flight

5 Tips For Surviving A Long Flight

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Leaving soon for a holiday? Moving from your hometown? If these are your plans then chances that you will have to hop on a long flight are pretty high. When I moved from LA to Manchester, the whole trip was painful. These are the top 4 tips you must follow if you wanna have a safe, relaxed flight, let's go!

H1: The Day Itself

First of all, if your flight is 12+ hours long, then you have to take jet lag in consideration: for many, this is one of the most painful aspects of travelling overseas. A couple of things that you can do to avoid it:
- Don't sleep more than 3 hours the night before if you are leaving early in the morning, so you will be able to sleep during night time when you arrive. This is incredibly hard to do since you will feel disgustingly bad after landing there, but if your biological clock is super delicate, an intense jet lag could literally destroy you.
- Try and eat well. Even if airports are usually full of fast food and ultra high calories dishes, having a solid meal with proteins, fibres and a small number of carbs will help you feel better, especially since you will have to stay still for more than 10 hours, which could be incredibly bad for you.

H2: The Suitcase

This is the hardest part and it will always be, especially if you are leaving for a long period. Try and prepare the actual suitcase 2 days before leaving, so you will be stress-free the day itself. It's also important to take just what's necessary and try not to over complicate it. Also, don't forget your bathroom items!

H3: The Actual Flight

The good part about long flights is that they USUALLY have some sort of infotainment, with decent movies and those incredible chess games that never work. To survive this type of flights, you should get a travelling pillow, because chances that your seat won't be comfortable are pretty high, to say the least. Second, download as many movies (I highly suggest to download an entire season of your favourite show) as you can before boarding, so your time will pass in a quicker way. Also, when allowed, don't forget to stand up and walk a couple of minutes, otherwise your body will suffer from that.

H4: Plan Everything Before Boarding

Chances that your flight could be delayed, that your seatmate will be the usual screaming kid and anything really are possible and could stress you a lot, so don't top this up with missed items because you finished your suitcase the night before leaving. Also, plan all your journey to reach your hotel/room/apartment before boarding, so you will know where to go when you land.
Cheers to your new journey! Have fun!

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