How to Avoid burnout at work

How to Avoid burnout at work

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It’s mental health week, and it this article we’re focusing on work burnout. Do you get home feeling exhausted physically and emotionally? Do you feel anxious, stressed and restless because you can’t get you job out of your mind?

Work is always likely to be stressful to some degree. Things like pushy bosses, irritating colleagues, disgruntled customers and awkward suppliers can all be problematic - and there is more than often too little time to do the things you really need to do.

There is, however, a difference between normal work stresses and stress that can lead to burnout.

So, if you feel you are in you are in an unbearably stressful situation at work, here are a few ways that you can avoid burnout at work.

Spot the warning signs

The first warning sign is always thinking about work. When you are at home in the evenings, do you spend a lot of time worrying and thinking about your day at work? Or worse, do you spend your evenings actually working?

Do you lie in bed every night because thinking about work tasks is keeping you up Or maybe it’s starting to become the only thing you speak about with your family and friends? Talking and thinking about work all day, every day, is the first sign your working too hard and may start to burn out.

The stress you’re feeling from work can even start to present itself physically. You may start to get panic attacks, backache, migraines etc. If it’s starting to take over or impact either area's of your life, it’s probably time to address it.

Talk to your boss

Try and think about what your real issues are at work and make a list of what can make your life easier. Ask your boss for an open and frank chat about the problems you’re facing so that you can try and come up with solutions to them together.

More often than not, your boss won’t even know you’re struggling - because most of us hide it very well. More often than not, just speaking about whatever it is that is causing you most stress can be very cathartic – a problem shared is a problem halved and all that…

Consider your Options

If your chat with your boss doesn’t go to plan, or if things aren’t getting easier for you, it may be time to consider your options. It’s not ideal for most people to take a more junior role or to find a job with lower pay - but for some, it can make a world of difference. Finding yourself a job with less responsibility could potentially give you a hugely better quality of life, even if your pay packet is smaller.

Speaking to a careers counsellor can help you to consider all of your options and find a better job for your lifestyle.

If you think you’re heading towards burnout, or you think a family member may already be there, you can find help and advice here -