How to stay motivated when working out

How to stay motivated when working out

Working out can not only improve your fitness levels, body image and the levels of fat in your body but it can also make you feel more energised and help to clear your mind.

Working out can not only improve your fitness levels, body image and the levels of fat in your body but it can also make you feel more energised and help to clear your mind. However, going to the gym can sometimes feels like a chore and it is difficult to stay motivated. Even those who love fitness and incorporate it into their everyday lives, fitness instructor or those who aspire to become a personal trainer even struggle sometimes with staying motivated in the gym. We’ve put together four simple changes that you can make to help you staying motivated when going to the gym and working out:

Remove barriers
You may find that part of the battle is to actually gather motivation to go to the gym, rather than doing the work out itself. This can particularly be the case on cold, dark mornings or evenings in winter or on scorching hot days in summer. You may find that once you are there, your enthusiasm to exercise returns. Often, the reasons that are preventing us from wanting to go to the gym are invisible barriers that we have created, such as not wanting to brace the unpleasant cold weather outside or wanting another hour in bed. To combat this, identify the various steps required to get you to the gym and remove any barriers that are preventing you from getting there. For example, if it’s extra time in bed that you want, lay out all the things that you need for the gym, such as your clothes, water bottle, gym bag, or even your breakfast, the night before so you can spend less time getting ready. Overcoming your invisible barriers with simple solutions can make it far easier to get to the gym.

Join a gym you like
As simple as it may sound, joining a gym that you actually like can make all the difference. You may prefer to work in an environment which is a little busier as you are inspired by seeing others work out in an open gym setting, or you may prefer a smaller, more intimate setting with a limited number of members or 1-to-1 sessions. You may also prefer to have access to additional facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna and pleasant showering facilities that you can use after your workout. Discovering how you work best and finding a gym that suits your style can work wonders when helping to keep you motivated in the gym.

Go with a friend
Going to the gym with a friend can be extremely motivating. If you have scheduled to go with your buddy to the gym you are far less likely to let them down and more likely to work harder when they are with you. If they have similar goals to you then this is an added bonus as you can share new routine ideas and support one another. Having a friend or family member to go to the gym with not only creates some quality time for you to spend together, but it also makes the gym more fun and holds you accountable for your workouts.

Track your progress
A huge motivation killer is going to the gym for months on end and feeling as though you’re not making any progress. Often, it takes weeks, if not months, to feel like your body has changed when in reality you could have actually dropped numerous pounds or a clothing size. Make a note of your starting point and track your progress at the same time each week or every two weeks. Once you start to see your numbers go down, you’ll be more motivated to work harder to keep up your good work. Remember, just keeping track of your weight isn’t always an accurate measure of how far you’ve come. Make sure you also record your body measurements and body fat percentage too, as your weight can increase due to gained muscle whilst your body fat and measurements go down.

It is also important not to set unrealistic goals that are too ambitious as this will just make you feel like you will never reach your goal. Instead, set small, realistic goals that you can push yourself to achieve within a set time frame. It could be to be able to lift a certain weight within four weeks or something as simple as running for thirty minutes on the treadmill. Once you have hit that milestone then reevaluate and set a new goal.