Judge A Book By Its Hands

Judge A Book By Its Hands

United Kingdom

Judging a book by its cover was the old method of sussing out a person’s nature and telling a woman’s age by her hands was a quick forecast into youthful appearance, but these days’ excess exercise and daily neglect can cause some women, and noted celebrities, to struggle with the dilemma of weathered and beaten hands.

Bulging veins, bad nails and dry skin often reveals age and sometimes even ruin their ‘reps’ by making women look decades older than they really are or what their faces reveal.
Ugly blemishes, liver spots, bulging veins and dry, wrinkly skin often leaves women hating their hands. While the majority of women know they need to take better care of their hands, some even hide their hands in fear of revealing their true age – or worse, ageing themselves before their time.

Most women will admit to spending more time and money on their most visible and first viewable asset, their faces, and end up leaving their hands to the elements.

Some women take extreme measures such as laser treatment, chemical peels or fat injections to plump up the back of the hand, yet most sensible women would rather go for natural therapy such as ‘Radiance’, a skin brightening and rejuvenation therapy. It is one of the most innovative rejuvenation therapies using natural botanical ingredients and without the need for any of these invasive methods.

Radiance is formulated to counter-act the visible signs of pigmentation, and ageing. It nourishes and re-hydrates dull, lifeless skin using specially formulated gels and creams. The Radiance Age Defying Hand and Arm Treatment is a luxurious and pampering treatment that gives visible results.

It is often referred to as a Red Carpet treatment for great looking hands and leaves the hands looking younger and feeling refreshed, rehydrated and soft.
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Editor Notes:

Sujata Jolly is founder and research director at Clinogen Limited. She is a graduate in medical sciences and later specialised in dermatology. Sujata has over 30 years experience in the healthcare industries and is renowned for being on the cutting edge of R&D. She is also well known in the industry for her expertise skin disorders and plays and active role on the lecture circuit.

She works closely with trading standards and acts as an expert witness in cases concerning harmful skin products. She is an opinion leader in her field and is often called upon by both print and broadcast media to give her opinion; over the years she has appeared on CNN, ITV, both BBC television and radio. Please see more at www.sujatajolly.com and www.skincareicon.com.