One Page Loan Application for Loans for Unemployed

One Page Loan Application for Loans for Unemployed

United Kingdom

Personal loan lender announced great news of relief for the unemployed borrowers. They can not avail funds faster with a one-page loan application. This saves a lot of time and borrowers can get the money faster. No complications and no confusions, just fill the form with basic information and get approval decision and funds faster.

April 27, 2019, London – Personal Loan Lender today announced the one-page application for the loans for unemployed. The importance of every second of a jobless person is easy to understand. The mounts of debt become unbearable soon after the job loss and the sound of the needles of the clock turns into frightening noise. Every passing hour reminds of some pending obligation. In such situations, the loans can be greatly helpful but only if they do not waste a lot of time in the name of procedures. The first stage of loan application should be precise. To reflect this concern, the company now have only one-page loan application for the unemployed loan applicants.

Time is money and money is time. During no job days, the delay in debts can badly affect the credit score status. With speedy and precise application procedures and least formalities, it is easy for the applicant to avail funds in a small time. Sometimes waiting for even a day is impossible and to ensure timely availability of funds, Personal Loan Lender tries to keep things as convenient as possible. This is sure to show a good impact on the speed with which borrowers can borrow funds. The obligation part is already light as there is no obligation of collateral and guarantor. This makes the process even faster and once the borrower covers the three steps of the application procedure, things are done. 1. Submit the online form 2. Get the approval decision 3. Receive funds in the bank account. That is all.

Emily Smith, the CEO of the company says – ‘ We always wanted to ensure more and more comfortable for our unemployed borrowers. For that, the timely availability of funds is the best way as money is the first and last requirement of a person. With only one page to fill for the application, it is easy for the applicant to save a lot of time. Rest of the things of approval decisions and fund disbursal happens on time. This is like a cherry on the cake. We also don’t waste the time of the fund seekers in unethical practices like the upfront fee or hidden charges. Our deals of quick loans for unemployed are fair and instant. Our concern is to take care of the financial well-being of the borrowers and we do that on any condition.’

About the company

Personal Loan Lender is a renowned FinTech player that offers a vast range of loans. The approval decision is beyond the credit score status and employment status. The deals are fair, procedures are transparent, and nothing less than perfect is offered to the borrowers. No prepayment penalty, the borrower can repay the funds anytime he wants without any additional cost. Simple application procedure and timely fund disbursal. Seasonal offers and discounts make the deals even more affordable. Customisation is a vital feature.

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