Product Management Training and Coaching Program Launched by Consentric Marketing

Product Management Training and Coaching Program Launched by Consentric Marketing


Arizona-based Consentric Marketing launches product management training and coaching program to enable the marketing departments to rapidly advance their capabilities and deliver critical business results as well.

Consentric Marketing has launched its product management training to help businesses create fact-based, streamlined product plans as well as upgrade the marketing skills to achieve the business goals.

The training program has been divided into four components namely assessment, workshop, coaching, and evaluation. Each component plays an important role to make training efficient and functional. The program is powered by the insights and expertise of over 2,000 product managers and consultants. Because the principles and tools of product management become efficient only in practice, the training program emphasizes explaining through first-hand experience, and practical scenarios. With the combination of workshops and coaching by experts, Consentric aims to improve the business results of its client in the short run and create the processes and skills required to make product management beneficial for their clients.

Apart from that, product management training by Consentric has included additional areas such as sales management, account management, and e-learning. Consentric is encouraging more companies to participate in and benefit from its product management training.

For more information about the product management training program by Consentric Marketing, please visit HERE.