Risk of Overseas Plastic Surgery Abroad

Risk of Overseas Plastic Surgery Abroad

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This is an overview of considerations that should be made before deciding on getting plastic surgery completed abroad. There are major health risks that are associated with it and a patient should be wiser on the topic before making a decision.

With the recent rise of fitness enthusiasts and after effects on the body after pregnancy, there’s a larger conscious to improve how we look and tackle the common signs of aging. Plastic surgery is perceived by most as the ‘quick option’ to achieve this and being such a competitive market, people are choosing cheaper options to go under the knife with surgery abroad being the ideal option. Although having plastic surgery may appear cheaper abroad, risks of doing so are significantly higher as a result. Because of this, there’s more outlay on repairing the issues from the having surgery performed abroad than on the original surgery itself.

Lack of experience

On the outside, it may appear that the reason plastic surgery is so cheap in other countries is due to the generally lower cost of living. However, this is actually due to lack of experience and training that the surgeons have abroad. As there are more lenient regulations being applied abroad, surgeons are less experienced in performing the procedures and it’s common for follow up care to not be provided because of their lack of resources.

Recovery Period

Travelling can have major stress on the body after you’ve had plastic surgery. It’s likely that when you’ve booked an appointment to have it performed you’d only be there for a short period of time. It’s normally recommended that after surgery, a patient should leave enough time to fully recover but as you’d require travelling, it can have negative effects in the long run.

Unable to have regular contact

If you were to have your surgery local to the country you’re in, you’re more likely to get the required service you need in order to make sure the surgery is successful. Being abroad, however, it will take time before you see potential issues that have rose with the surgery. This will mean that in the long run, issues like infections can’t be treated correctly and follow-up appointments after the surgery are not conducted.

Common Scar problems

With any kind of surgery, the biggest symptoms are to do with scarring. When getting the surgery performed abroad, if it’s cheaper then it’s likely the quality will be cheaper too. This can be particularly common with breast surgery. For example, surgery based in the UK will be performed far better than a breast reduction procedure performed in Turkey and the quality of resources will mean far better results. The implants performed in breast surgery can appear out of place and have major scarring when performed abroad due to the regulations in place.


Of course, it’s likely that there are some procedures that you find locally that also have their own risks. It’s therefore important that you do in-depth research into the doctor you’ve chosen to perform surgery and look into the services they provide i.e follow up appointments. You’ll be far more comfortable knowing that you’re getting the procedure done correctly.

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