Top Tips for Saving Money on Office Furniture

Top Tips for Saving Money on Office Furniture

Looking to get some new office furniture or maybe you've just bought your first office and are looking to kit it out? Find out here how to save some money on your furniture purchases!

Like any start-up or small business owner, they are constantly looking for new ways to save a few bucks. If you’ve just got your first office, or maybe you’re just looking to kit your existing place out to give it a new lease of life, shopping around for office furniture before you make your purchase is vital. To get the best possible deals you need to do some research and compare prices, so by following the below you should save yourself some money:

Get A Plan Together

It is important you aren’t lazy and just buy the first thing you see to make things easier for yourself – whilst this may seem time effective, financial, it could cause you to lose out. You need to spend time before you even start your hunt and get a plan together that outlines your office furniture needs as well as that of your employees. You will also need bear in mind the space you have available, considering future plans for employment growth.

Begin Your Search

Next, it is time to start looking for the best deals you can get. Often your first thought may be to only look at budget office furniture places but don’t rule out general, sofa or rattan furniture companies as they might have deals and suites that would wonderfully aid your environment. The search today can be done from your office desk as most retailers are now online. Places like eBay can also be used to find a few second-hand bargains!

Comfort Is Key

In your planning stage, you surveyed the employees who will be using the new office furniture, so keep their comfort in mind as you shop. For example, make sure any workstation you are considering has enough leg room for the people who will be sitting there all day.

Remember Shipping Costs

It is easy to get carried away when online shopping and see a price that meets your budget and jump to get it. Although it will appear that you’re saving on the price you may be shocked by the massive delivery bill that comes with it. Remember to read the T & C’s before making your purchase so you can take into account all of the possible costs involved.

Get Results from Refurb’s

In the last 5 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of refurbished office furniture dealers. In addition to finding lower prices on some brand-name office furniture, you often get a warranty that is just as good as when it was new. From refurbished cubicles to refurbished work tables, you can find plenty of bargains from these types of dealers. This option for a start-up with little expense to spare is a great solution to your furniture needs.