Txrcustomcaraudio.com sponsors the fund-raising charity lunch organized by Care-for-the-Elders

Txrcustomcaraudio.com sponsors the fund-raising charity lunch organized by Care-for-the-Elders

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Txrcustomcaraudio.com recently sponsored the fund raising activity for Care-for-the-Elders

September 14, 2015 - Txrcustomcaraudio.com recently sponsored the fund raising activity for Care-for-the-Elders, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of elderly citizens in Austin, TX.

Speaking on the occasion the owner of TXR (Txrcustomcaraudio.com) said "We support causes that care for and protect elderly citizens. Care-for-the-Elders is a Charity that manages several care centers that have been set up across North America to provide boarding and lodging facilities to elderly citizens and look after their social, economic and emotional well being on a day to day basis. Their philosophy is based on the fact that elderly citizens have spent their lives contributing to the well-being of others and now it is the duty of the new generation to give it back to elderly citizens what they have contributed to society. We see the noble deed behind the actions and fully support their organization in whatever way we can, since this is indeed a noble cause. Apart from providing them material and financial support we also render them moral support in all their initiatives.

According to reliable sources Care-for-the-Elders is a not for profit organization that has been in operation for the last 15 years. It was set up in Austin and the objective at that time was to provide a shelter to elderly people who were either living alone in their homes with no one to look after them; or elderly people who had no means to support themselves on their own. Over the years the Care-for-the-Elders has taken up other causes too that are directly or indirectly related to the well being of elders.

The owner further added "Txrcustomcaraudio.com is engaged in the business of providing car audios and accessories. Our sales in Q1 and Q2 have surpassed our expectations and business on the whole has been growing at a fast clip. Our policy of corporate social responsibility is to keep aside a certain portion of our sales to help in social causes and this is one of the causes that we support. Hence we provide as much assistance as we can to the Care-for-the-Elders organization including financial assistance as well.

As per reliable sources the fundraising charity that Txrcustomcaraudio.com has sponsored will help take care of the elderly in many ways. It is planned to create a second recreation centre that will house a movie theater, a billiards table and an indoor heated swimming pool. Other activities are also planned in the Recreation Centre.

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