Where Is The Digital Marketing Field Going?

Where Is The Digital Marketing Field Going?

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Digital marketing has moved from a niche matter to becoming a blueprinted status in enterprises like Amazon and Apple. From its humble beginnings to today, the entire digital marketing field has heavily developed in the past couple of years, embracing a big variety of technological trends, ranging from big data to front and backend development. Let's analyse some of them.

Big Data and The "Cambridge Analytica" Scandal

Big data has become quite an obsession in many big companies after last year's Cambridge Analytica scandal, given the fact that its manipulation is the best way to approach and target a specific audience. Data points in digital marketing are being gathered (now legally with GDPR) to better create and optimise campaigns without relying on human's creativity. This very subject has become so big that even small agencies have started hiring data scientists for this reason.

The Evolution Of the Matter

With digital marketing, recently, the problem has been related to budgets. Paid social ads are as expensive as ever and so are PPC Google ads. With this in mind, many companies decided to cut down their budgets towards SEO, given the cost-effectiveness of this approach to digital marketing. Manchester has been elected as the European powerhouse in regards to the digital marketing field and a digital agency in Manchester has pointed out how their SEO strategies are the ones which are actually guaranteeing clients results. In the future, we can safely say that SEO will come back to its glory days.

A Very Code-Based Approach

In recent times, digital marketing and SEO, in particular, have embraced a variety of coding-related approaches which have been focused on improving both the UX-side of many websites and their overall coding architecture, in order for the content to be better crawled and indexed by robots. Front-end development-related strategies have become quite popular in the digital marketing field, especially when it comes to semantic languages like the ones used for Schema.org.

To Conclude

The technological development of the digital marketing field will be extremely powerful for many agencies who are looking to expand their development side of business towards a far more technical approach. This is also a very exciting opportunity for those developers who are looking to expand their CV with a digital marketing working experience to tangibly touch what their technical strategies are doing from a business perspective.