Why Property Investment Is A Technology-Related Matter In 2019

Why Property Investment Is A Technology-Related Matter In 2019

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When it comes to real estate, property and other forms of important investments, it's mandatory to keep in mind the fact that technology and its approaches have been heavily impacting both the planning, the actual processes and, most importantly, the future of this macro topic. Let's analyse some.

The Fintech Variable

Since 2017, a lot of business sectors have been impacted by fintech. The usage of (mainly) automated features within finance has grown from being a startup-related matter to becoming a billion-dollar worth-sector. Fintech within property investment has evolved recently, peaking when some US startups started using machine learning (precisely TensorFlow) to automatically process mortgages requests and much more. Risk management, when done with data and machine-oriented pieces of technologies has become quite a statement within the property management sector.

The Use Of Crypto

In 2018, the fintech market was shaken when Santander decided to open an entirely blockchain-based branch, which was heavily focused on the usage of their internal cryptocurrency. It has been stated in a recent Forbes article how internal cryptocurrencies will dominate buying processes in possibly the busiest marketplace of 2019: real estate.

The Evolution Of The Matter

Fintech is definitely the leader aspect of technology being applied to property (whether if it's buying or selling) and will definitely be looked after by investors and big companies. Grant Cardone, one of the biggest real estate investors in the US, has stated how important the usage of machine learning will be when companies worldwide will start listing their auctions online.