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The Risks of Wearing Daytime Contact Lenses and How to Keep Your Eyes Safe

Although contact lenses can improve your vision, they do pose some risk.
45 million Americans wear contacts. Wearing them allows you to go about your day without the use of glasses. However, you should always know how to care for them properly.1 Here are the risks of wearing daytime contact lenses and how to avoid them.

Irritation and Eye Infections

A number of things can lead to eye infections and irritations while wearing contact lenses. The symptoms can include:
• Red eyes
• Itchy eyes
• Painful eyes
• Eyes with excessive discharge in the morning or throughout the day
• Feeling like there’s a scratch
• Excess tears coming from the eyes

If you experience these symptoms, you should consult an eye doctor.

Bacteria and Germs from Old Cases
If you don’t regularly replace your contact lensstorage case, you’re placing yourself at risk of germ and bacteria build up.6 Forgetting to wash them or change the solution also can be harmful. If you are experiencing frequent eye infections or irritation, consider changing cases.

Damaging Your Eyesight with the Wrong Contact Lenses
Contact lenses prescriptions are unique to each individual.Wearing someone else’s contacts or the wrong prescription could cause damage to the cornea and the sensitive area of stem cell production around the cornea. This can damage your sight. Neglecting eye appointments and failing to update your prescription also puts you at risk.

How to Take Care of Your Sight

You can avoid these risks with the following tips:
• Don’t wear daytime contacts in water or while sleeping.
• Regularly replace storage cases – at least every three months.
• Schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam and contact lens evaluation.
• Try Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses: an overnight option that improves vision, eliminating the need for daytime contacts. (This can help you avoid sleeping in soft contacts or accidentally wearing them in the pool!) With proper handling and care, you can stress a little less about the risks.

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