Ashford North Holiday Inn Pitstop

Ashford North Holiday Inn Pitstop

Going abroad through Eurotunnel or doing business in Ashford in Kent? Why not try out Ashford North Holiday Inn.


When taking a break from our home business, iHubbub went under cover to test out this hotel ...

After being invited to speak at the Kent B2B event and had to be up early for the event, we decided to stay the night at the Ashford North Holiday Inn.

For us it was convenient for an event in the local town but of course for anyone going abroad for business and for using Euro-tunnel [link to review] it is just the ticket.

There are two Holiday Inns in Ashford and the out of towner ticked our box, mostly because it gave better value for money, but also the location is only 10 minutes from the town centre and thus more secluded with a country outlook.

Our room rate was £69.99 for B&B which compared favourably to the one in the centre of town.

We found Ashford North Holiday Inn very comfortable and  a nice smaller hotel than you would expect from most Holiday Inns.

Even though it was ‘out of town’ it was bustling with guests who we assumed to be either involved in the various conferences going on in town or people scuttling off to Europe through Euro-tunnel.

They offer free wi-fi in the lounge area for any guests wanting to have a catch up on emails and connect to their online business but it does cost you if you want to get online from your room.

The lounge was fine for our needs so we logged on. However, when we did encounter a bit of trouble with the wi-fi the staff knocked themselves out trying to find a solution. Strangely enough, we could log in to Skype, but couldn’t send emails - and of course, Murphy’s law - we needed to send an urgent email. But Skype came to the rescue and we copied the email into Skype and did our comms that way, which worked fine in the end.

Our room was certainly big enough and comfortable with an above average hotel mattress [excellent in my opinion] for a good nights sleep.

Even the GM had the customer service bug – he happily handed over his blackberry charger for the night when we left ours at home. Good on you!

iHubbub Quote

“Overall, the Ashford North Holiday Inn is well worth checking out if you need to be in Ashford in Kent for a business event or travelling abroad.”


Price: 6
Value: 7
User Friendly: 6